Inda Gallery: It is not so hard to make some art…

20. february 2013 – 14. march 2013

We Love You, 2012

Kamen Stoyanov's artistic practice bears a resemblance to that of an activist, who does not address his audience based on party politics, instead he only wants to end the general passivity. His works invite us to a serious game executed with humour, irony, as well as social and cultural sensitivity and openness. He places art into the whole of society, the space between cultures; he rethinks the way of art and the duty of the artist, therefore his purpose is not to make an aesthetic use of the exhibition space, but rather to disturb the passive observation of his visitors, whether in the public space, the street, or in an exhibition room.

Communication is the source of his works, that does not begin within the boundaries of art, but in "real life", and the artworks of the exhibition are "real objects", practical objects, or their aesthetised, symbolical versions, or universal messages, "wisdoms", that belong to everyday life. With his artistic strategy he has riveted international attention, and participated in significant artistic events, such as Manifesta and the Biennale of Sidney. As an artist residing in Vienna he has partaken in several Austrian residency programs, he had a solo exhibition in MUMOK, he was awarded with the Otto Mauer-prize, and his works can be found in the greatest Austrian museum collections.

Kamen Stoyanov has been exhibiting in the Inda Gallery since 2008, and for the past five years, his solo exhibitions have been presented not only within the walls of the gallery, but also at the VOLTA Show in New York, and the Viennafair.

He created his current material in Los Angeles, where he worked for several months in the MAK Schindler Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program. The end result, "Stoyanov's Tomato Soup" seems to resemble Warhol's "Campbell Soup" series, but is fundamentally different. Warhol made the product, the object, the tin box into a sacred object, and lifted it into the "sanctuary" of art. He attacked and criticised originality through multiplication, and the automats of consumer society. Kamen Stoyanov creates his own tomato soup from the vegetables he grew himself, and with a gesture to blur the boundary between art and reality, he reformed the foundations of flux, he made reality into art, and vice versa — within the compass of an artistic residency. Not only did he reduce the Parnassus to a scene of everyday life, he also connected two distant cultures, he temporarily placed Bulgarian culture into LA.

Muladi Brigitta

English translation by Zsanett Horváth

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