Hunt Kastner, Prague: FILIP CENEK / Overlay

Filip Cenek: Overlay

Nov. 14-Dec 21, 2012

h u n t  k a s t n e r is very pleased to present a new installation of work by Filip Cenek, where the  artist explores everyday reality through the changing impact of light.  In the past, Cenek has often overlaid text onto his images to create a non-linear narrative, which touches upon the question of authenticity, editing, and the overall credibility that we are willing to invest into a film’s storyline. 

Through the means of a minimalistic game with light and shadow constantly interacting with a timeless photographic image, the installation Overlay fluctuates between reality and the imaginary. Filip Cenek (born 1976 in Jesenik in Northern Moravia) lives and works in Brno, Czech Republic. Trained as a cinema projectionist after finishing high school, he went on to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology in the studio of video art, continuing his studies in the post-graduate programme at the Centre of Audiovisual Studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), graduating in 2008 with the Josef Hlavka Award for the best graduating student work.

As a student, Cenek was interested in the theory and practice of non-linear stories and narration in the digital environment (especially with the paradox of the expression "interactive story"). Later, he became involved in various collaborative projects focusing on animation and vjing (particularly in relation to fuzziness, illegibility and omissions as creative potential). In 2004, he was awarded the Developmental grant of Tranzit for his work in the field of visual media. In 2006, the DanishAmerican publisher Errant Bodies, focusing on contemporary experimental music and its overlaps 

with visual art, published the DVD-Video disc Carpets Curtains, documenting his concert cooperation 

with architect and musician Ivan Palacky, and in 2011 he was a finalist for the Jindrich Chalupecky 

Award for Young Artists.  He has been co-organizer of New New! Festival in Brno and co-curator of 

Fresh Film Fest (Theatre Optique section) in Karlovy Vary. He has presented his works at 

contemporary art exhibitions and film festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad (Centre Pompidou, 

Paris; L'immagine leggera, Palermo; EMAF, Osnabruck; Wardrobe, Leeds; Parker's Box, New York; 

MNAC, Bucharest; SPOR, Aarhus; TransFusion, Hamburg among others). He work is represented in the National Gallery Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art in Prague, in the Marek Brothers Collection, and in several foreign video libraries.

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