Gandy Gallery, Bratislava: LIA PERJOVSCHI – Knowledge Museum


Knowledge Museum (kit)

Gandy gallery is pleased to present a first exhibition by LIA PERJOVSCHI 

Opening reception: Tuesday May 27 th from 18.00 to 20.00 in presence of the artist

Exhibition May 28 – July 31,2014

Knowledge Museum (plan) is a project in which I recycle all my other projects, I present “like an architect” the model – on a table, on the walls, or in a space, using diagrams from my interdisciplinary research – from books, reviews, the internet and objects both mainly in museums stores around the globe from 1999-untill today (used for educational purposes).

The museum comprises 7 (seven) departments: Earth, Body, Art, Culture, Knowledge, Science, and Universe. 

It is not ‘The Museum “- it is a basic starting point.

Knowledge is Surviving (doing the best you can out of what you have)

Lia Perjovschi

Born in 1961 in Sibiu, Romania, Lia Perjovschi studied at the Art Academy Bucharest 1987-1993. She currently lives in Sibiu and Bucarest. Lia has been recognised as one of the leading performance artists in Romania, and is also known for her unusual objects. From the 1990s, she has been gradually focusing more on conceptual projects such as Timelines, Mind Maps (Diagrams) (since 1999), and Knowledge Museum (based on an interdisciplinary research project from 1999), that follow historical and intellectual events and ideas, and on collections such as the Globe Collection (since 1990), commenting on media and on consumerism. She is the founder and coordinator of CAA /CAA (Contemporary Art Archive and Center for Art Analysis), an organic still in process project (under different names since 1985). She has exhibited at 2013,Tranzit,Prag, 2011 MACBA Barcelona, Kunstler Hause Wien, 2010 Van Abbe Museum Einhoven, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich, Jamaica Center NY, 2009 MUMOK Wien, IWAB Incheon S Korea, Modern Art Oxford, Bild Museet Umea 2008 Wilkinson Gallery London, Sydney Biennale, Jumex Foundation Mexico City 2007 Nasher Museum at Duke University NC US,Walker Art Center MN, Tate Modern London, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Centre Pompidou Paris 2006, Yujiro Gallery London, MuHKA Antwerpen, Royal College of Art London 2005 Generali Foundation Wien, Wurtenbergishe Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana

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