Gallery Vernon, Prague: Shadows. I’m afraid of sleep just as one is afraid of a large hole.

Martin Gerboc

Shadows. I'm afraid of sleep just as one is afraid of a large hole.

15. 1. 2013 – 22. 2. 2014

Gallery Vernon, U Průhonu 22, Praha 7

Visual artist from Slovakia, Martin Gerboc will present a selection of his paintings. In his art, Gerboc refers to the aestetics of evil, horror, fear, or anger, inspired by German and French modern literary and philosophy tradition (Baudelaire, Brecht, Sartre, Foucault etc.), Francisco Goya’s paintings, or tendentious Nazi art and Berlin cabarets. He aims to show a human soul in its darkest and most chaotic essence and provoke a reaction rather than a passive reception.

This exhibition is going to be the last one at the industrial location U Průhonu 22, Holešovice. After that Gallery Vernon moves to the new location – Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5.

Martin Gerboc (* 1971) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and has participated in several art residencies abroad (Denmark, USA , France). In Czech Republic, he took part in the successful exhibitions in Rudolfinum: BUTTERFLY EFFECT? (2013) and Decadence Now! (2011). In addition, he had several solo exhibitions at the Gallery of Critics in Prague, both solo and collective exhibitions in other Czech and Slovak galleries, and in Paris and Hungary. He is also active in literature and film.

Gerboc's work is characteristic by a close connection to verbal expression and literature: he often cites Baudelaire, Brecht, refers to Wittgenstein, Foucault or Barthes. As noted by the curator, critic and art historian Petr Vaňous: "Gerboc decomposes an image not only in its visuality, but more radically – as a language that is capable of reference. He creates a special destructive mechanism that should open issues of a genre and theme beyond the limits of aesthetics. Everything is transformed into a depraved, but cathartic cabaret – partly political, partly orgiastic. Stripping the common roots of evil, exaltation, violence and aggression."

The head of the Department of History and Theory of Art at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts Otto M. Urban defines Gerboc's work as a "contrast between an impulsive, feverous painting and a clear and precise intellectual concept. The entire image is carefully considered, the artist does not need dozens of preparatory drawings and sketches, but he paints directly, forcefully, without a compromise."

Methodically, Urban describes that Gerboc's works "reluct against the traditional understanding of a painting in the context of fine art. His paintings are rather musical collages and remixes than classically composed paintings. Individual components of his artwork are layered over each other, mutually complementing and disrupting each other, growing from the surface of the image like reliefs, and then submerging again and gradually disappearing in the end."

About Gallery Vernon

Gallery Vernon was founded in 2001 by its director, Monika Burian Jourdan. From the start, Vernon’s objective has been clear: to support quality contemporary art and present it to the public. Its vision is to place Czech and international art side by side as equal partners and look for links between artists who may never have met, but are nonetheless united by something. 

Gallery is located at U Průhonu 22, Prague 7, and is open Wed, Thu, and Sat 1–6.30 pm, or by appointment. 

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