Vernon Gallery, Prague: KIT REISCH


In the Thick of Thin Systems

12. 9. – 10. 10. 2013

Gallery Vernon, U Průhonu 22, Prague 7

A structure can reflect the character of its creator. From this point of view, architectural forms can be seen as surrogates for people. How do we, as complex structures, look on the inside?

A new exhibition called In the Thick of Thin Systems by Kit Reisch, the American artist living in Prague, opens at Gallery Vernon on September 12th 2013. The exhibition will present kinetic sculptures as well as drawings on paper.

A combination of architectural and structural elements are significant for Reisch, who situates them in carefully designed contexts. Much of Reisch‘s work is derived from the experience of a foreigner trying to adapt, successfully or otherwise, to his host culture. Architecture, the most accessible form of a culture’s collective visual language, plays an important role in his work.

In the Thick of Thin Systems The artwork in this show suggests systems to upturn, examine, throw out or celebrate our interpersonal structures and systems. Architecture seems to be a natural point of cultural critique when we consider that the systems of language, religion, and currency are not required to question the structures within us, before us, between us.

Structure constantly interjects its presence into our lives through our need for it to exist. Architectural structures make up the physical system that we navigate as we move about our daily lives. We have further engineered internal systems and structures – physical foundations as well as psychological mechanisms – that support and accept the weight of our relentless consciousness.

As societies, private companies or individuals create structures to serve their needs, it follows that the structure itself would reflect the character of the creating entity. Architectural forms can be seen as surrogates for people. How do we, as complex structures, look on the inside? Does a stony facade give way to tenderness and warmth? Or does a carefully composed exterior belie frail, rotting supports?

Kit Reisch (*1986) was born in Texas (USA) and now lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. He is fascinated with the idea of adaptation and struggle in the midst of new and foreign surroundings. A do-it-yourself aesthetic is an important component of Reisch’s kinetic objects, as he often prefers to leave the hardware and wires which support his sculptures visible to the viewer.

He likes to think of his pieces as defiantly struggling – for reasons unknown – in hostile environments. For further information please see:

The opening takes place on Thursday 12. 9. 2013 at 7 pm at Gallery Vernon.

About Gallery Vernon

Gallery Vernon was founded in 2001 by its director, Monika Burian Jourdan. From the start, Vernon’s objective was clear: to support quality contemporary art and present it to the public. Its vision is to place Czech and international art side by side as equal partners and look for links between artists who may never have met, but are nonetheless united by something.

Gallery Vernon is located at U Průhonu 22, Prague 7, and is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 1 – 6.30 pm, or by appointment via email or phone.

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