Gallery Ulrike Hrobsky, Vienna: Order and Disruption of Order

Achim Freyer / Tone Fink

"Order and Disruption of Order"

4 November – 22 December 2011

"Accuracy is, in every case, advantageous to beauty, and just reasoning to delicate sentiment."
There is no better way to describe Achim Freyers practice and his artistic position as a painter, stage designer and director than with the words of David Hume. Accuracy and beauty, reasoning and sentiment  Freyer gives these words programmatic density, fills them up with optimism, vitality, overwhelming colour and antipodal black, as if they were jars.

The artists senses and body become intermediaries between human and factual nature, the inner and the outer landscape of the beholder who enters the realm of art, the white cube. Within these ciphers, the amazement before the phenomena of human life and experience thereof is depicted.

Tone Finks practice is impossible categorize. Born in Vorarlberg, Fink studied painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and now moves effortlessly through the various artistic genres and media. His multifaceted oeuvre spans from drawing to objects, from works on canvas to short films, from performances to installations.

In Tone Finks oeuvre, drawing has become something of a leitmotif. He creates his drawings in a spontaneous and unplanned fashion, directly and intuitively. They are an outlet for his creative drive and serve as a device for finding ideas for performances and objects. Full of humour and irony, they let the viewer look into the personal universe of an artist who seems overflowing with energy and whose exuberant creativity and imagination is also expressed in his love for puns and word creations.

(Excerpts: Anne Maier (Freyer), Andrea Neidhfer (Fink))

Grnangergasse 6
A-1010 Wien

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