Gallery NON, Istanbul: Golem Scene

Gökçen Cabadan
Golem Scene

December 21, 2011 – January 28, 2012

“People don’t see the world before their eyes until it’s put in narrative mode.”

-Brian De Palma (film director)

NON is pleased to host Gökçen Cabadan’s fourth solo exhibition titled Golem Scene from December 21, 2011 to January 28, 2012. In the installation, painting and drawings featured in the exhibition Cabadan brings together images collected from magazines, brochures and the net with a collage-like logic in order to render timeless certain familiar forms of narrative. In portraits ripped apart from their context and dragged into ambiguity the emphasis is on the absence of identity, whereas in the installations we sense the emergence of the qualities of a still life.

A Golem is created from mud -a soulless, yet living creature. In the context of this exhibition, Cabadan uses the image of the Golem as a metaphor for the removal of kinship ties, disconnection, decontextualization, or a ‘Frankenstein’ metaphor; and imagines a zone once indicated by signifiers but now completely independent of them.

Since reality is formed in social memory through various narratives, it is impossible to speak of any reality beyond what has always already been thought of and narrated. In this sense, archiving, documentation and history writing are merely the craft of aligning time. Therefore history is perhaps more a form of literature rather than a science.

Rembrandt’s “Belshazzar’s Feast” is a pictorial representation of literary narrative. The moment Belshazzar sees the writing on the wall telling him he has less than 24 hours to live, from the fearful looks on the faces of the king and the maids to the wine spilling out from golden cups, everything in the painting is in action.

Thus we comprehend the entire duration of the event within a single composition. The narrative of a long story is folded into the representation of a single moment. Within this whole composed of diverse references; folds, connections and stories intervene in the painting within the intensified moment- the Golem determines the painting, and the more the painting listens to the Golem, the more it looks at it, and in fact, the more it surrenders to it, the wider access it has to myriad resources.

With Golem Scene, Cabadan invites the viewer to experience the primitive. He seeks the reason behind primitive man’s act of drawing the picture of his hunt on the walls of a cave.

NON Gallery
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