Gallery Daugava, Riga: John Annus – Memorial Exhibition

John Annus
Memorial Exhibition


The artist Jānis Annuss (1935 -2013) was getting ready for his solo exhibition in Riga with a great sense of responsibility, probably, even more seriously than for his previous exhibitions in Rome and New York. Riga is his native city and his father professor Augusts Annuss is a great name in the Latvian art history, the example he followed in art and life. Jānis Annuss had received good education in New York before he won a scholarship to study in Rome, the city that  became an eternal source of inspiration for his art.

The exhibition in Riga was almost ready, but not all dreams come true….. Jānis Annuss’ memorial exhibition in the gallery Daugava from July 10 to July 20 will attract the viewers who knew the artist and are familiar with his paintings and those who have not seen them before. The visitors will have an opportunity to watch the documentary film devoted to the artist “Jānis Džons Annuss. Projections”(director Ilona Brūvere, 2012).

The gallery Daugava has issued the catalogue in memory of the artist.

Gallery Daugava
10/12 Alksnāja Street
Riga, Latvia

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