Gallery Artist İstanbul: A Chemical Wedding

Rebecca Horn – A Chemical Wedding

September 11th – November 1st, 2013
Gallery Artist İstanbul

Gallery Artist İstanbul is hosting the exhibition A Chemical Wedding In İstanbul by Rebecca Horn between September 11th and November 1st. We would be pleased to have you here in İstanbul at the Gallery Artist for the vernissage on the 11th of September.

'A large glass shrine contains blue water. The glass lid covering it bears an elaborate old German inscription cheerfully describing the exact procedure of a macabre experiment carried out on a bird: The feathers of the poor animal are dissolved in a water bath containing acid, whereupon the water turns blue. The liquid is reduced to a blue stone with which the bird is then dyed blue. … The plumage disintegrates into the colour of romantic longing and the bird is deprived of his dignity and remains tied to the world.'

Source: Galerie Jamileh Weber

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