Gallery APEL: moment_space

canan dağdelen "an_uzam"-"moment_space"

[08.12.2012 – 12.01.2013]

In her exhibition moment_space situated at the space of Gallery Apel, Canan Dağdelen draws attention to the “moment”, which is defined in relation to the concepts of space and time as the shortest indivisible time period, or the shortest span of time almost equal to the blink of an eye. Her works in the exhibition mainly focus on text, photography and architecture, all of which are integrated into the exhibition concept which is reduced to its essence in a poetic language.

History of writing, personal handwriting, meanings of words and word plays take a significant place in Dağdelen’s thinking and research. She configures essential forms of traditional architecture into modular systems she herself has developed and installs them into the exhibition space. In this exhibition, she does so with a concern for the binding function of architecture, as well as transience and fluidity. In her black and white analogue photographs, which she describes as objects, infinity of time, moment, movement and architecture fuse into each other.

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