Gallery Apel, Istanbul: Glove Factory

Aslımay Altay Göney  / “Glove Factory” / “Handschuhfabrik” 

2 November – 7 December 2013

Galeri Apel hosts Aslımay Altay Göney’s exhibition “Glove Factory” between 2 November – 7 December 2013.

The artist, who lives and works in Germany and Turkey, continues her journey in travel and road stories, which are the initial source of her production process, by adding to them the phenomenon of migration and narratives on our existential states of being. In “Glove Factory,” her tenth solo exhibition, she touches on the concepts of labor and manual labor; she presents within a constructed production space the experience of interpreting and rendering visual workforce, material, means of production, and even the manufactured commodity itself. Based on the idea of matching the form of the hand, chosen as a symbol of workforce, with an object of mass production, the glove becomes the main theme of the conception.

The expressive language of this exhibition is composed of repeating forms – and volumes engendered by these repetitions – shaped by elements that are replicated by hand in such a way that each preserves its originality. In addition to paper and fabric, which we are familiar with from Aslımay Altay Göney’s previous exhibitions, here she has also uses industrial materials with similar structural characteristics; and while the layered and cumulative style, which takes shape thanks to the possibilities afforded by these materials, make reference to mass production, as well suits the nature of the work, she aims to put forth her own approach to the issue of using manual labor in the production of art objects.

Because her work is somewhat informed by playfulness, “Glove Factory” stands a step away from the position that would require the difficult struggle of wage labor and the contradictory organizational form of production today; struggle which is of a seriousness that exceeds the language of exhibitions. Nevertheless, the show does touch on and make us think about labor and invites us to navigate among scissors, sewing machines, aprons, and, unavoidably, gloves.

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