GALERIE STEINEK, Vienna: Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Recycled News II

Jaroslaw Kozlowski

Recycled News II

09.11. – 22.12.2011

Jarosław Kozłowski, Recycled News II

Jarosław Kozłowski, Continuum X, Statens Kunstakademi, Oslo, 1994

Jarosław Kozłowski,  Recycled News

Jarosław Kozłowski, Soft protection

Jarosław Kozłowski, Soft protection

Jarosław Kozłowski is one of the leading conceptual artists. He initiated the international artistic network NET (1971) and took part in the artistic movement Fluxus. During the 60s. and the 70s. considered one of the most consequential conceptualists Kozłowski has engaged in analytical reflection and linguistic studies as well as performance art. During the 80s. the artist began to create large-scope installations in which he took on board criticism of how art functions in society: among others, series of works devoted to de-mythologising art. During the 90s. and until the present time, Kozłowski has been the author of a number of spectacular installations in which he deals with problems of modernist traditions and the social and political context of art.

Jarosław Kozłowski`s artistic practice seems to be an incessant stream of questions; often unusually perfidious, at times frankly iconoclastic; most often – questions which keep penetrating the recurrent themes and motifs of his art. He has been working in series almost from the beginning of his career; he works and reworks different themes in cycles of drawings, art books, installations. Typical is the way he stops and returns – to drawing, to painting, to different objects and topics – the way he reworks and verifies his earlier choices, the way he questions, again and again, his old solutions. It is a kind of ceaseless recycling process, through which the artist reinterprets his own practice and its situation in a changing context. In one of his recent works Recycled News consisting of hundreds of newspaper pages garishly painted with watercolours, he revisits obsolete painting techniques, and asks how painting can be an answer to the current problems of the contemporary world. Recycled News with its incredible accumulation of press from all over the world, shows us how the media with their mass distribution of information, maintain the myth of diversity. The multilingual collection of newspapers includes titles from different regions of the world : The Financial Times, Le Monde, The Daily Telegraph, The International Herald Tribune, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Fakt, The Times, The Independent, Buenos Aires Herald, The Mirror, Corriere della Sera, The Pakistani Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Izwiestia, Die Welt, Der Kurier, Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Der Morgen, Suddeutsche Zeitung. Language, place of publication and political leaning notwithstanding, these newspapers are all similarly framed, similarly dependent on the rhythm-and-repetition aesthetics, and similarly illegible. Newspapers formed in decorative panneaux reveal their aesthetisation. Kozłowski  throws doubt on the veracity of the media, having meticulously painted over the entire pages of the newspapers and in doing so, he questions the role of media in the contemporary media-governed reality.

Born in 1945 in Srem. In the years 1963-1969, he studied painting at the State Graduate School of Visual Arts in Poznań (today the University of Arts in Poznań), where he has also taught (paiting and drawing) since 1967. In the years 1981-1987, he served as the academy`s rector. He has also taught at Statens Kunstakademi in Oslo (1992-1997), Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunste in Amsterdam (1992-2004), Academy Without  Walls in Lusaca ( 1999, 2001),and at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine Arts of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (2005-2010). He is currently professor at the University of Arts in Pozna. In 1971, he initiated the NET project- an international artistic exchange. Between 1972-90, he founded and then ran the Akumulatory Gallery in Poznań, which presented the work of Polish and international avant-garde artists. In 1991-1993, he was programming curator of the gallery and collection of the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Fellowships with The British Council in London (1979) and DAAD Berlin (1984-85). He lives and works in Poznań.

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