Galerie Rudolfinum-Bernd & Hilla Becher: Coal Mines. Steel Mills.

Bernd & Hilla Becher: Coal Mines. Steel Mills.

22. 3. 2012 – 3. 6. 2012

large hall

Curator: Petr Nedoma

The Bernd and Hilla Becher exhibition presents a unique collection of 95 black and white photographs of industrial landscapes. The Exhibition is organised in co-operation with Josef Albers Museum, Quadrat Bottrop.

These important representatives of the world photography devoted more than forty years to their systematic documentation. They improved the buildings captured from the front to autonomic esthetical objects resembling the faces of medieval cathedrals. A result of the systematic taking of photos of mines and steelworks, blast furnaces, gas holder, water towers and lime works is not only a distinctive typological system, but also a fascinating game of forms of a carefully put-together series of objects and motifs.

Bernd (1931–2007) and Hilla (1934) Becher are considered the pioneers of conceptual photography who essentially influenced an entire generation of German photographers, their students of the so-called Dusseldorf school (T. Struth, Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff, Andreas Gursky, Jörg Sasse and others).

Gutehoffnungshütte, Oberhausen, 1969


Grube San Fernando, Herdorf, Siegerland, 1961

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