Galerie Merkur: HIDDEN GODDESS



8 October – 5 November 2012

XVA Gallery Dubai and Galerie Merkur, Istanbul; are delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition of Iraqi-born artist, Halim Al Karim to be hosted by Galerie Merkur. Opening on October 8th 2012, and running until 5th of November 2012, the exhibition entitled ‘Hidden’ will showcase two series of works simultaneously, Hidden Love and Hidden Goddess, as well as King’s Harem and the other works.

Halim Al Karim is renowned throughout the Middle East, the US and Asia for his large scale, provocative photographic style. In the series ‘Hidden Love’ and ‘Hidden Goddess’, we see Al Karim focus on themes including politics, human nature and of course, the idea of being Hidden. He depicts a love that must remain concealed – the kind that is universally experienced but cannot be expressed in words, whether it be forbidden, unrequited or at the early stages of infatuation.

The ‘Hidden Love’ series show different women portrayed with bright, clear eyes, while the rest of the image is obscured, including the woman’s mouth, where tape has been stretched across to keep her silent. This work is inspired by Al Karim’s time living in Iraq, where outward expressions are condoned, ?.

In the Hidden Goddess series we see again portraits of women, created using the same technique – each image large scale and close ups of the women’s faces. Each photographic print is framed and covered with a thin layer of black silk, a play on the idea of veiled women. This layer of silk obscures the image further, to keep us guessing: who is this woman? Why is she hidden from us?

Galerie Merkur invites you to join us for the opening of the exhibition on October 8th to view these exciting works and meet the artist.

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