Galerie Califia: Pensive + Artist in Residence + Artmill Kids

Exhibition: July 14 – July 31, 2012
Opening: July 14 at 4 pm
Opening words: Barbara Benish

Artists: Mark Cervenka, Kelli Scott Kelley, Floyd Newsum, Lynn Randolph, Artist-in- Residence (Kathleen Graves, Janeil Engelested + Oto Hudec) Guests: Artmill kids

Opening Hours WE – SU – 10 am – 4 pm

Pensive (Mark Cervenka, Kelli Scott Kelley, Floyd Newsum, Lynn Randolph)

Pensive is an exhibition of four artists from Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas in the southern United States. While individually exploring themes of story, imagination, memory, emotion, responsibility, nature, and social challenge, each artist creates an ambiance that is often quiet, sometimes melancholy, at other times warm, welcoming but deliberate instead of impulsive, pensive instead of impetuous. Their works ask the viewer to feel the works as much as they read them, a simultaneous effect where reading the narration of the work fails to fully address the artist’s intentions. Each artist creates work that is layered both in process and theme. Though certainly not unique to these artists, the art by this group of southern US artists reveals something of their cultural ancestry in asking the viewer take a moment to examine the stories and experience born of their particular place and time.

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