Galeria Calina, Bucharest: Rose – Breath

Rose – Breath, Patricia Teodorescu

The third project of the DESENUL SANS RIVAGES platform / curator: Liviana Dan / a platform dealing with the concept in drawing, with contemporary drawing as idea and process, with its intent and flexibility.

In ROSE – Breath, Patricia Teodorescu develops a rather fictional strategy. She manipulates the palette, the composition and the media. The images illustrate vulnerabilities and disconfort. Time and change become major themes. The line remains expressionistic; the form often refers to the content and vice versa. Patricia Teodorescu's drawings are a shadowy animation.

The ambiguity, the contradiction, the unfinished moment and the uncertain ending actually mimic the frame / drawing, next frame/ redrawing fluctuation. There is a curious abeyance between still and movement, a constant change and a constant redefining. The tangible tactility of this home-made animation contains the memory of each sequence. The narrative element appears in the drawing as a continuous present. The enigmatic meaning is taken on by the private expression and turned into a versatile, poetic, pure house of emotion.

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