Galeria Asymetria: No myths barred

Marek Piasecki

No myths barred


Marek Piasecki, Bez tytułu, 1955-1967


28th september 2012 to 30th november 2012

The foremost point of reference for the exhibition of Marek Piasecki’s small forms at the Asymmetry Gallery is his studio at Siemiradzkiego Street 25 in Cracow, which was wound down in 1998.

A curiosity room, micro-galaxy, surreal pharmacy, museum of magical objects, total work or work-as-habitat, a grow shop of things – these are but some of the phrases that have been used to describe the one-of-a-kind space. The works presented in the show were its integral part, serving not only as art works, but also as Piasecki’s constant environment – a kind of engrossing emotional space. In a dim room filled tightly with drawers, working as if on a dissection-room table, the artist deconstructed fragments of the objects and images he had collected, rearranging them into new images, suddenly freed from their usual form, creating photographic collages and drawings, miniature playthings, on tiny scraps of paper or visiting cards. All these works are from before the artist’s emigration from Poland in 1967.

What these works have in common or what constitutes their autonomy is one of the questions we are asking in the exhibition.

No myths barred’, said a piece of paper found among the materials in the studio. As if Piasecki’s mythologies were breeding in a space forbidden elsewhere – at the fringes, among the ‘scraps of language’.

Marek Piasecki’s exhibition is accompanied, in the Museum of Private Imagination, by Tomasz Szerszeń’s installation/commentary, Flowers Talk, which consists of spectral, illusive flower forms, photographically referring to the Surrealist tradition. What is their grammar and syntax, what stories do they tell?

 Rafał Lewandowski, Tomasz Szerszeń

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