Galeria 26, Bucharest: Non-sense

Non-sense, Iulia Nistor

June 25 at 7:00pm – July 12 at 11:00pm

We gladly invite you to the opening of Non-Sense, Iulia Nistor's first solo show, on Tuesday, 25th of June 2013, from 7 pm.

Iulia Nistor
June 25th – July 12th 2013
Galeria 26, 26 Dr. Staicovici Street, 5th district, Bucharest (Piata Operei – Cotroceni area)

Non-sense – no polar sense (North or South)

Non-sense is Iulia Nistor’s first solo show and it comprises artworks made in 2012-2013. The Romanian-born (1985, Bucharest) artist lives and works in Nuremberg and she is a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at the University of Regensburg, Germany.

Her project has grown natural, as a functional organism, a body of investigation composed by three independent parts, with different, but interconnected forms and functions. Painting, photography and the maze-installation form this organic course, in which the first – painting is the retina, the organ that sets the visible and transforms the light signals into information; the second, photography or, better said, the “eco-geographies” are contention organs, tissue formations that can be sonographically and tactile investigated, and the third, the maze-installation represents the linking system, the information and communicational fluids transmission network. In the same time, the maze represents the challenge, the predicament one can face during the process. The guiding red line, here, is to be found inside us, and in each imaginary journey we won’t forget the way back.

Iulia Nistor’s eco-geographies combine the photographic image with the matrix of ecography, proper to medical imaging, and the filter of memory superposes on these formats and becomes, for an instance, the same with the filter of the inner-reading equipment. The images in black and white with their foggy ambiguity ressemble, one by one, with no descriptional intention, cities visited by the artist, in a strictly subjective stream of consciousness. The upside-down fan shape of ecographies, in which the images were recorded, frames the still image and transforms it into an atypical locket.

The process of painting is essentially cerebral, the artist reconstructs reality by instinctively choosing fragments of thoughts, of visual instances, that she recomposes in empty, transparent spaces. These blanks are made with transparent gesso and they allude the difference between the fragment and the whole, the delicacy of detail and the immensity of the set.

The Maze: the exit is the entrance, there is no plan B. What if you don’t know the entrance anymore? The anxiety of getting lost in the maze is attenuated by the dominoes, which aleatory guides you to an increasing or decreasing stream that you can’t recollect in preset logic. Chaos is present in the upstreaming and downstreaming digits, taken one by one, or two by two, or three by three, even four, five or six. We forgot to count them, we just touch them when we pass by. (Simona Vilau, June 2013)

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