Galeri Zilberman: Ikarus

07/12/2012 – 05/01/2013 

Ferhat Deniz

Young artist Ferhat Deniz opens his second solo exhibition at Galeri Zilberman on December 6th.

The exhibition gets its name from a story in Greek mythology. Icarus, with his wings made of wax, gets carried away by the joy of flying. His wings melt as he gets too close to the sun and falls into the Aegean Sea. In Ferhat Deniz's paintings, human structure, guided by zeal, desire and many other emotions, appears in the dark and strives to reach its inner equilibrium. Gestures on wealth and the lack thereof determine their own fate in an expressionistic pictorial understanding.

Begüm Acar says the following about the young artist's work:

“The intertwinement of reality and fantasy reflects Ferhat’s stance in life, which is an insistence on individualism rather than the values of society. His interest in comprehending the real truth that impels him to bring out his instinctive impulses. It is for that reason he welcomes us to his world of characters that galvanise our senses; characters that are real, that harbour memories, that seize moments, that set off in a quest towards their dreams. When we open that page slightly, as wellas assuming our dependence on provisions that we created for ourselves to be true, we also find that absolute dependence non-existent. When one looks at Ferhat’s paintings from this perspective, s/he can see that he can decide against these influences, s/he can see his determination ruled by his freedom and willpower working against the idea of there being a cause and effect relationship. What gets him to this point is the hope of seeing what motivates his lines and deep self-analysis.”


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