Galeri Mana, Istanbul: Phantom

Douglas Gordon
26 November 2011 to 14 January 2012

Galeri Manâ is pleased to present Phantom, a solo exhibition by the Turner Prize winning Scottish artist Douglas Gordon. The show will be presented on both floors of the gallery: Downstairs Gordon will exhibit a major new video installation and Upstairs will be a selection of unique photographs and burnt works. One of the most internationally well-known and influential artists of his generation, Douglas Gordon will exhibit in Turkey for the first time.

The title work of the exhibition Phantom is installed in the Downstairs gallery. It includes a video screen, a platform, and a grand piano, all shown in complete darkness. The video within this installation is the result of a collaboration between Gordon and the singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright.

Here Douglas creates a metaphoric location that offers the audience a mental and physical experience that borders on mystical. The arrangement of the grand piano and large screen emphasize the theatricality of the installation which features a single, heavily made up eye that gazes out at the viewer (Wainwright’s eye documented by Gordon). This creates a very disturbing reality that blurs the lines between violence and tenderness. The way Wainwright’s gaze is fragmented, multiplied, and paced with his emotional music (Rufus Wainwright 'All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu' recorded live in Munich 2010 by and for the radio station Bayern 2) takes the audience deep into a realm that vacillates between fascination, angst, desire and aversion.

A selection of the installation I am also Hyde will be on display in the Upstairs gallery. Facilitating a constant dialogue between collective and personal memory, Gordon exhibits thirty-three framed works to question his own vision of himself and the dark side of the human condition. The artwork is an autobiographical installation with a distended notion of time, staged and presented as an open diary showing the artist’s images, photographs and personal belongings. For the first time in his practice, Douglas completely focuses on revealing his own story.

Alongside the unique photographs Gordon has installed a selection of burnt works from his series Self-Portraits of You + Me, in which the artist explores the idea of excessive adoration and accidental mutilation of iconic images. Behind each of the reworked portraits is a mirrored surface that challenges the viewer to look beyond the photographic remains.

Douglas Gordon was born in Glasgow in 1966; he lives and works in Berlin. He won the Turner Prize in 1996, and was the first video artist to be awarded this honor. Gordon also won (for the first time awarded to an artist performing video), the Premio 2000 of the Venice Biennial in 1997, the Hugo Boss Prize in 1998, and, more recently, the Roswitha Haftmann Prize of Zurich Kunsthaus. He also was member of the jury of the International film 65th Festival of Venice.

Galeri Manâ

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