Galateea Contemporary art, Bucharest: transFORM

International exhibition transFORM – Contemporary Ceramic Art

October 21st – Novembre 18th 2014

Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery and The Visual Artists Union of Romania have the pleasure to invite you to international exhibition transFORM – Contemporary Ceramic Art.

The exposition may be visited between October 21st – Novembre 18th 2014. The opening event will take place on October 21st, 18:00 hour at Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery on 132 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest.

Guest artists:

Andrea Éva Szőcs – Hungary • Anthony Edwin Stellaccio – USA • Bianca Boeroiu – Romania  • Daniela Făiniș – Romania  / • Gudrun Kainz – Austria / • Ioana Șetran – Romania   • Kamila Szczesna – Poland • Lilianne Milgrom – USA  • Rafael Pérez – Spain • Simona Antoniu – Romania  • Monika Jeannette Schoedel-Mueller and Werner Bernhard Nowka – Germany

The main idea of the exhibition is a concept metamorphosed into a form bearing the personal artistic language or technique of the creator. The curators’ own selections offer the public a variety of original perspectives. Artists belonging to different cultural areas and with distinct approaches, both conceptually and visually, they give rise to a coherent ensemble hosted by Galatea Contemporary Art Gallery. Multimedia installation created by Lilianna Milgrom adjacent to ceramic assemblages of Gudrun Kainz and Anthony Stellaccio are complementary to sculptural approaches presented by Kamila Szezesna, Rafael Pérez and Bianca Boeroiu.

The artistically cohabitation of Werner Nowka and Monika Schöedel-Müeller engender a video-projection concentred on the  binomial creation/destruction that lives in symbiosis with the sculptural ceramic objects the two artists have individually created. Simona Antoniu and Daniela Făiniş conceptually introspect the portrait topic through parietal ceramic objects, while the porcelain miniatures of Ioana Şetran together with the hermetically conceptual approach of Andrea Éva Szőcs conclude the whole circle.

Curators: Georgiana Cozma, Adela Bonaț Mărculescu

Media partners: Radio România Cultural,, Observator Cultural, Senso TV, Cultura,, ArtClue, Deco si Eco, TV City, România Pozitivã,, Artindex, ArtLine, B 24-FUN, Zile și Nopți

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