Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen: Projekt “freiRaum”

freiRaum” projects for „Ab in die Mitte 2012 – Setting off for the center of the city

Aim of is to inform a broad audience of creative people fast and easy about starting projects. We would like to stress that it is – above all – an offer and and a look at possible opportunities.

So every new call for ideas offers the chance to shape a project by realising your own artistic ideas.
Of course the call refers solely to those who are interested in the topic and stuff of the proposed project. All others simply will ignore the call and look next time if the proposed offer will suit there core working areas better.

In the end every call is a try to realise a project following the core intention of the question and to deploy a “win-win-situation” for both parts.

The project “freiRaum” as a motto of “Ab in die Mitte 2012”:
“freiRaum” is scheduled as motto and topic of the next “Ab in die Mitte 2012 – Setting off for the center of the city” contest initiated by the “Land NRW” (State of NRW, Germany). To learn more look at this website:

The motto of the contest “freiRaum” (meaning “areas of not used open space in both literal and figurative senses”) offers for 2012 among other things the possibility to realise new artistic projects in and for the Schoeppingen village area. They are supposed to underline, highlight or even create both intellectual and spiritual and/or genuine topographical spots and areas of “freiRaeume – freeRoomes&Spaces”. You can offer completely new conceived ideas or propose succesful projects you realised in the past elsewhere and adapt them for the Schoeppingen place and project.

The “freiRaum” motto means there is broad room left to conceive ideas – both as a more figurative launch pad for new chances and as link to p.ex. literally free spaces in the city like open and unused surfaces and vacant shops. The chance of the contest is to revitalize such spaces and even to set up and rewrite them as “free spaces to initiate something new”. Therefore the proposed ideas for conceivable projects have to display a clear reference to the motto of the contest and a well appearing tie to local traits and factors.
To learn more about the geographical location of Schoeppingen look at google maps.
Last date to upload your idea to will be
October 15th 2011
Please make sure your proposal comes with a first and rough cost calculation sheet in euros or dollars (incl. expenses for materials and fee for the artists work).

Important hint:
To access the website and upload your proposal the same credentials are valid you would use to access the website.

Rules of procedure:
Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen Foundation will look through the incoming proposals carefully and make choice of the best and most suitables for the motto of the project and combine them with the already present plans to originate a convincing master concept to persuade the jury of the “Ab in die Mitte 2012” contest.
If the Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen Foundation master concept will be awarded by the jury of the “Ab in die Mitte 2012” contest (of course there is no shure shot) and the “Ab in die Mitte 2012” funds be approved the artists watched out to participate in the project will receive notice (expected to happen in the beginning of 2012). Their proposals then have to be fitted to the definite project line to get a chance to be realised. This will be done in close cooperation of the artist with the Foundation.

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