FOKUS GRUPA: World event young artists 2012

World event young artists 2012

7-16 September 2012

1000 artists, 100 countries,10 days

Country: Croatia

Fokus Grupa is an art collective based in Zagreb formed by Iva Kovac and Elvis Krstulovic. Working together since 2005, Kovac and Krstulovic have decided to transfer their authorship to the legal person whose name refers to working methods based on poly/dialogue. Fokus Grupa works within the framework of post-conceptual art practices. The groups format is interdisciplinary; realized trough exhibitions, interventions in public space, publications, writings, lectures and discussions.

The group works with and against the idea of the 'political' as well as 'subjective' in art and culture production. Understanding art production as materialist practice Fokus Grupa has investigated legal, economical and social (lack of) consequences of art production. They have also explored ways in which politics employs artistic or aesthetic means to (mis)appropriate and instrumentalize emotions, reclaiming certain methods back into their art practice.


Fokus Grupa started art production in 2005 and exhibited in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, USA, Russia, Sweden, Greece, UK, and Korea. In recent production Fokus Grupa gave lectures, made interviews and published content dealing with artist rights and the role of art within the public space [Art&Market], narrated the history of the 'art proletariat' [I Sing for Time to Pass] (drawings published in Micropolitics Notebook 2011). FG in collaboration with Natasa Tepavcevic conducted interviews and published texts about the paradigm of the 'Eastern' artist [Distribution of Knowledge]. Momentarily FG is exploring the discourse of the West Balkan nationalisms of the 1990's as a sexualized discourse [Darling, Sorry for Not Writing Earlier]. Sexuality as discourse is further developed in the artist book [Perfect Lovers (2002 – 2012)]. Fokus Grupa is also involved in self-organized communities SIZ and k.r.u.z.o.k.

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