Film Mutations: The Festival of Invisible Cinema

Zagreb, 1 – 4 December 2011
Kino Tuškanac
The Museum of Contemporary Art
The Academy of Dramatic Art

Rijeka, 5 – 6 December 2011
Art-kino Croatia

Ljubljana, 12 – 13 December 2011
The Slovenian Cinematheque

Under the title The Ethic Point of Film. Serge Daney,  this year’s Festival of Invisible Cinema will connect the genesis of ethics of the film spectator from the time of French cinephilia with the spectatorship of the present. Serge Daney, a paradigmatic thinker on the ethics of cinema, is an influential film and media critic who is still a missing link in the world’s filmology and media theory and especially in Croatia, where none of his texts has been translated.

The starting point for this year’s programme is the recurring concept of responsibility for film images, from one of his last texts entitled: The Tracking Shot in Kapo, firstly published in French film magazine Trafic in 1992, then in the book Persévérance (the only one of his books that was translated into English as “Postcards from the Cinema”).

At the symposium entitled The Ethic Point of Film. The Film Spectator, the festival will bridge the 20-year gap between “here and elsewhere” and “before and after” with the CASE OF FILM ENCYCLOPAEDIA published in Croatia and former Yugoslavia at the time when Trafic was launched in 1990.

Film Mutations: The Festival of Invisible Cinema was initiated in Zagreb in 2007 by the performer and film curator Tanja Vrvilo in collaboration with some of the most influential film curators and thinkers in the contemporary film world: Raymond Bellour, Nicole Brenez, Alexander Horwath, Kent Jones, Adrian Martin and Jonathan Rosenbaum. The aim of the festival is to create a platform for an internationally connected discourse on film culture which would actualize innovative ideas in cinema; ideas that have been missing in Croatia and the region for some time. The politics and aesthetics of the program are described in the title of the festival: the choice to shed light on the “invisible” and perceive it as “mutations”.

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