Färgfabriken, Stockholm: I Will Never Talk About the War Again

September 17 – November 19, 2011

The show is part of Färgfabriken’s global project Psychosis.

Artists: Marina Abramović, Lana Čmajčanin, Chto Delat?, Igor Grubić, Živko Grozdanić Gera, Adela Jušić, Nikolay Oleynikov, Shadow Museum, Alma Suljević, Jaroslav Supek
Curator: Vladan Jeremić

I Will Never Talk About the War Again* relates the condition of society with personal experience. Presented artists are related to the Balkans and deal with testimonies of trauma or collective psychosis of the traumatic post-war society, yet try to avoid stereotypes or to exoticize.

Based on the situation in the Balkans today, we want to illustrate the relationship between individual and society. Many people in former Yugoslavia suffer from traumatic experiences from the war in the 90s. Nationalism, homophobia, xenophobia or non-tolerance toward any different social group can be seen as complex post war syndromes and are hard-core reality of such societies. The situation in the Balkans also reflects what is happening in many other places in the world today.

This falls major exhibition at Färgfabriken is the first part of a long-term commitment called Psychosis. A global project intended to illuminate the human psyche, both from an individual and collective perspective. In a series of events, we will deal with aspects of the project theme. It touches on areas such as political extremism, alternative social structures or the human perception. We are interested in how these phenomena are expressed and interpreted in art, literature and science.

Subsequent events and themes within the project Psychosis will take place over a long period, through exhibitions, publications, screenings, seminars, or combinations thereof.

*The exhibition title is taken from two of the participating artists', Lana Cmajcanin and Adela Jusic, video performance by the same name.   

 I Will Never Talk About the War Again
Psychosis part 1

2011-09-17 – 2011-11-19
contact: Elsa Ekesiöö Thambert

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