Starter Gallery: Bownik/ Every Imitation Disappoints

Bownik examines „artificiality” in photography, intentionally evoking and utilizing methods from studio photography and 1940′s American cinema. By staging films and constructing sets, he recreates the technique and conventionality of the world of film. He also draws inspiration from the classic iconography of painting – still lifes, hunting still lifes, portraits, as well as archival photography, searching for common qualities of representations characteristic of a given point in time and in their proper historical context. The subjects of Bownik’s photography are often teenagers, and the theme is youth set in a bygone era.

Every Imitation Disappoints presents Bownik’s photographs that were specially prepared for this exhibition, as well as photographs from the series Disassembly [Demontaż].

The exhibition consists of two parts presented simultaneously in Starter Gallery (Andersa 13) and Branicki Palace (Miodowa 6, Podwale 3).

Bownik/ Every Imitation Disappoints

27.09.2013 – 31.10.2013

Starter Gallery

Sept.27 – Oct. 10, 2013

Pałac Branickich (Miodowa 6, Podwale 3)

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