Silent Wall Army presents
Friday, 25. November 2011, 19h
ELEKTRIKA, Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo, Serbia

Stanislav Silantyev – “DETAILS
exhibition of digital prints and paintings

Stanislav Silantyev and Oleksandr Gorskiy – GLAVNOE /Main/
promotion of poetry publication

GLAVNOE /Main/ – collection of postcards containing paintings of Stanislav Silantyev accompanied by poetry written by Ukrainian poet Sashko Gorskiy.

project by Stanislav Silantyev, Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

“Art that is decorative by its form at first sight, is completely non-decorative by its content. Besides the presence of different elements that are originating from this or that ethnic group, such as symbols, signs and ornaments, in my work i mostly try to interpret my homecountry in an international cultural context. My artworks contain equal amounts of both irony and tragedy. Trying to avoid national stereotypes, in this case i am fighting to overcome existential moments, by emphasizing the values of individual content of personality and individual speech, and values of cultural context, on the other side. This context and its subconscious structure influences not only national feelings and beliefs of certain representatives of one culture and state, but also influences the feelings of future generations that are still not shaped in frame of a specific nation, culture or religion. As a result, in my case, compilation of local decorative patterns, colours and historical problems raises not so many thoughts, as it raises many specific acts of expression.”
Stanislav Silantyev

Stanislav Silantyev was born in 1987. He is an artist, art theorist, as well engaged in social art. He is a student in the Lviv Academy of Arts. Before joining the Academy of Arts, he studied the law at the Chernivtsi National University for a year. But then he understood that art is his calling.
At the first time paintings by Silantyev were presented to the audience in the exposition of the collective exhibition of the Union of Artists of Ukraine in the spring of 2011 in Chernivtsi Center of Culture "Opening Day".
A few months earlier, in winter 2011, a series of cards "MAIN" was published, which contained paintings by Stanislav Silantyev and poems of a young Ukrainian writer Oleksandr Gorskyi. The poems were written in Ukrainian and later translated in English, German, Serbian, and Swiss languages. The art project "Main" refers to the aspects of social relations in the sphere of love in the human relationships.
In the summer 2011 in Chernivtsi Regional Art Museum the first exhibition with paintings and pieces installed as a "living sculptures" were presented by Stanislav Silantyev.

Oleksandr (Sashko) Gorskyi was born in 1988. For a long time he is working in the field of culture. He is the author of many art projects and events. For two years Oleksandr organized the "Literature Tuesdays" in Chernivtsi. “Literature Tuesdays” were very popular and visited by almost all famous Ukrainian writers and poets. He took part in literary and video poetry festivals in Ukraine and Russia. As well, Oleksandr prearranged youth and video poetry parts of the First International Poetry Festival "Meridian Czernowitz," which was attended by famous poets from Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Serbia.
Oleksandr Gorskyi worked in Chernovtsy State radio and television "Bukovina" as editor of the cultural and social programs. As well, he prepared and hosted TV shows: “Ekspromt” about youth creativity; "World of Book" about literature; "Morning in Bukovina" the daily morning program with different interesting guests; and “Toloka", which is the largest socio-cultural talk-show in Chernivtsi region about current problems in social life. Now he is working for a private regional TV channel "TVA." On this chanel Oleksandr prepares and hosts a weekly cultural and art TV program "Anatomy of Culture."
Moreover, he participated in art exhibitions in Ukraine, Macedonia, Norway, and France. Also, Oleksandr was the creator of the exhibition and media projects "Man-and-Technology." The idea about the set of postcards "Main" belongs to Oleksandr Gorskyi where were used his poems with reproductions of paintings by young artist Stanislav Silantyev. The poems from the project were translated in English, German, Swiss, and Serbian languages.

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