Duba Sambolec Donation to the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

July 17th – September 2nd 2012, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Duba Sambolec is an artist with an international reputation who lives and works between Ljubljana and Oslo. Since the beginning of her artistic work in the mid-1970s she has questioned visual perception and language of the three-dimensional media of sculpture, problematized social reality, and asked philosophical questions about human survival and the role of art.

Her oeuvre includes works in various media: sculpture, installations, drawings, digital photo-collage, video and site-specific artworks. She exhibited at numerous exhibitions in Slovenia and across the world, as well as in prestigious international exhibitions such as The Venice Biennale and the Biennale in Sao Paolo. The Croatian audience has followed her work since the end of the ‘70s, and her exhibition in the Gallery of the Student Center in Zagreb in 1979 was a critical moment in the affirmation of postmodern sculpture.

In 2007 the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (MSU) accepted a valuable donation from Duba Sambolec consisting of 15 installations created between 1993 and 2005 during her stay in Norway.

Duba Sambolec started her artistic career in Ljubljana where she was born in 1949 and where she graduated the Academy of Fine Arts, in 1975. In 1992 she left for Norway, where she worked as a professor of visual arts and as Director of the Department of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim. In 1998 she joined the faculty of the National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo.

The artist researches the tactile values of materials and sculptural form, as well as the specific space in which they are displayed. At the beginning of the 1980s she created sculptures in which she connects materials with contrasting characteristics: lead, bitumen, wax, brass…which symbolize bifurcation of elementary principles: woman – man, strength – fragility, heaviness – lightness. During the 1990s, she created installations of large dimensions, entitled Interscapes. With the positioning of sculptural elements and objects within specific architecture, Duba Sambolec focuses herself on the reception of the position of the object, as well as the observers, and their interrelation. The artist also questions space as a specific place of experience.

The recent oeuvre of Duba Sambolec was presented in the 1998 exhibition Razdvojene zone / Divided Zones. The Museum of Contemporary art Zagreb organized the exhibition in its gallery space at Katarina Square No. 2 and at Gliptoteka HAZU. The donation consists mostly of the sculptures exhibited at Razdvojene zone / Divided Zones, belonging to the series Interscapes, Day and Night from the beginning of 1990s, and multimedia installations created at the beginning of 2000 from the series Collectors.

By presenting this exhibition Predmet bez dostojanstva / Object without Dignity, the Museum of Contemporary Art fulfills its obligation towards Duba Sambolec as a donor with great pleasure. At the same time, the Museum introduces the audience to exceptionally valuable works displayed in the new museum space, giving them a new dimension and characteristics. The Duba Sambolec donation undoubtedly enriched the MSU collection with her installations as specific forms of contemporary sculpture.

Curator: Jadranka Vinterhalter, museum advisor

All information about the exhibitions is available at: jadranka.vinterhalter@msu.hr; msu@msu.hr, www.msu.hr

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