Dirimart, Istanbul: Bahar Oganer-Dreamland

Between the dates December 27- January 26, Dirimart presents Bahar Oganer’s  new exhibition ‘Dreamland’.

In her new series Dreamland, Oganer depicts the young woman figure with her  back facing the viewer used in her auto portraits symbolizing herself in a new  spatial dimension. The open and closed urban spaces in her previous works, are converted into suburban outdoors and nature. The figure of herself painted outside the chaotic environment of the city, is now in search of primitive purification and freedom in a landscape which is painted in a colorful manner.

Unlike her past works, Oganer pictures the figure of modern women, appearing as an urban resident until now, in a composition that it doesn’t belong to. While freeing the viewer, she’s also emancipating the image. By fictionalizing the photography, the artist uses it as a starting point and offers her own reality through the color, one of the fundamental elements of nature. The pureness of the nature that the artist portrays reflects the transparency between her and the viewer.

Colorful and attractive background images used in Oganer’s former series are replaced by shaded monochrome forms. While the viewer looks at the section framed by the figure as before, in “Dreamland”, he/she overlooks a timeless and boundless space. This time, the focal point is neither the figure itself nor the background; it is the painting as a whole.

Bahar Oganer was born in 1980, Ankara. After she gets her B.A from Dokuz Eylül University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department. She participated in the residency programme, Cité Internationale des Arts.The artist’s solo exhibitions: Secret Garden (with Ozan Oganer) AlanIstanbul 2011, Istanbul; Crystal Dirimart 2008, Istanbul; Dream Dirimart 2008, Istanbul. Certain group exhibitions: Encounters Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea Seul, 2012; Who Left Behind Plevne/Ankara, 2012; Exhibition of Turkish Contemporary Art by Various Artists ArtSpace London,2012; Turkish Contempoarary Art at Close 

Proximity New York, 2010.

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