Daugava Gallery, Riga: Different Years on Two Floors

Imants Vecozols
Different Years on Two Floors

24.07. – 17.08.2013

Rainy Day. 2003. Oil on canvas, 90×98

At the Daugava Gallery from the 24th July until 17th August there will be the exhibition Different Years on Two Floors by the painter and professor of the Latvian Academy of Arts, Imants Vecozols. It`s noteworthy to mention that on July 22 is Imants Vecozols 80th birthday. This exhibition intends to show his work in different periods. Imants Vecozols loves tonal painting, the importance of light that allows one to see the shape, space, color and the tone and halftone in nuanced subtleties.

The artist has never sought to paint themes that would attract attention. In his opinion, the theme of the artwork refers only to the artist`s personal interest. Imants Vecozols is painting things around him, they are close and dear to him, and comes from childhood, a strictly peasant environment with its ethical and aesthetic message. So Vecozols is considered to be the master of white still life.


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