Danubian Resident| ANDREI GAMART | Shifting Presence

Danubian Resident is an open-call project, dedicated to contemporary visual arts, initiated in Romania by Port Cultural Cetate in partnership with Zorzini Gallery from Bucharest. Within the frame of this project, the organizers strive to create an international network of artistic residencies, starting with Port Cultural Cetate as the Romanian landmark.

Danubian Resident Project aims to generate a cultural exchange between Romanian contemporary artists and foreign artists, offering limited periods of time at the locations included in its circuit. 

The first resident for the summer of 2013 is Andrei Gamart who is presenting an exhibition supported by Zorzini Gallery, featuring the artworks created during the six-week residency at Port Cultural Cetate.

Andrei Gamart (b. 1980) is a Romanian artist, born in the Republic of Moldova, who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated the Art Academy from Chisinau and masters painting, drawing and engraving techniques. His artworks qualify him both locally and internationally as one of the most promising emerging Romanian artists.

The Shifting Presence series, created within the Danubian Resident Programme, delineates the artist’s inner assertions upon reality presented in a magic and unifying, henologic manner. Thus, Andrei Gamart qualifies “reality as a conglomerate of particles, linked together by the strength of a hidden principle and a common memory of the moment when everything was one unit.”

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