Red Dawns: Special October Edition 2013

Welcome to the special October edition of Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns. For this occasion, we have allied with the 19th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women.

Our joint project Red Dawn above the City of Women continues our locally situated feminist and queer politics. We look across national borders, because we believe that patriarchy is transnational. We are convinced that borders between genders as well as between nations and classes can be crossed, moved, and demolished with art, activism, and theory; that these forms of expression intertwine in our struggle for the ‘impossible’ – for that which is yet to come.

From October 3rd to 13th 2013, you can visit City of Women whose 2013 slogan Let’s Create a Place for Ourselves invites you to a variety of interdisciplinary, multicultural and multimedia events.

From October 12th to 26th 2013, Red Dawns welcome you to the special 2013 edition.

We hope that our festival reaches you. And we hope that the critical insights and pleasurable experiences we offer in our program are going to help you live – not only survive, but live in hope that one day, the sun is going to really rise above the City of Women.

Contact: Ana Makuc 041 287 222

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