CoCA Toruń: Thickness of Shadows – Between Light and Darkness

Jan Berdyszak, Come into the Light, installation, source: CSW Toruń

Jan Berdyszak – Thickness of Shadows – Between Light and Darkness

30.03.2012 – 13.05.2012

The installation is a unique take on manners of perceiving reality and representing space

The exhibition centres around the particular phenomenon of perception of light and shadow in three ways. Shadows presents graphics, projections, glass objects and other works that tie in with the two remaining installations – Step into the Light and Darkness. When walking through a space filled with bright light, the viewer is temporarily blinded, when confronted with darkness, the observer loses his sense of sight and experiences an increased activity of the other senses. Shadow on the other hand, is meant to bring attention to details and nuances usually not caught by the eye.

Appearing between light and darkness, shadows shed light on the concepts of vagueness, lack of focus, opacity, stratification and the uncertainty of perception. The curator of the exhibition Marta Smolińska states that by creating the need to use more than the sense of sight, the assembly of works alters overall perception of reality. It aims to question the viewer’s natural employment of sense and put him slightly outside of his comfort zone. Particular emphasis is put on redefining the often depreciated sense of touch.

The sculptor, painter, graphic artist, scenery designer Jan Berdyszak, whose art is deeply influenced by the philosophies of the Far East, focuses here on the problems of representation of space and reality and the process of its perception. According to Berdyszak, the most surprising and usually omitted aspects of reality naturally surface in these in-between spheres. In his sketchbook (no.16) from 1963, he wrote, "(…) the place in-between is susceptible to variable contents. Susceptibility to the variability of contents and interpretations arises at the interface of a heterogeneous reality."

Znaki Czasu – Center for Contemporary Art in Toruń
ul. Wały gen. Sikorskiego 13
87-100 Toruń

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