Credo Bonum Gallery: Interventions/Adelina Popnedeleva and students

06.11.2012 – 23.11.2012

The students are from the National Academy of Art, Textiles major:

Gabriela Milanova, Denitza Vilislavova, Elina Mihailova, Iva Gencheva, Kalina Mavrodieva, Maria Krasteva, Pancho Angelov, Ralica Penova, Stefania Kroumova, Tanya Nedelcheva, Filipina Stamenkova, Yana Milcheva

The exhibition is part of the Art in public spaces festival Zapaden park.

Interventions in public spaces are a popular form of contemporary art, practised by many artists across the world, which includes interaction between work, artist, audience and a specific place. It is associated with conceptual art, street art and performance at the same time. "Yarn bombing" is one of the varieties of street art in which knitted objects are displayed in a public place. The reasons people practise such a thing are different: a distinction between high art and handicraft, a form of expression and protest against certain socio-political issues, advertising or vandalism.

The "Interventions" project includes installation of works made earlier, as well as works specifically designed for particular locations in Zapaden Park.

The interaction between nature and culture is the centre of attention, not only because of the intervention, but also because of the principle of contrast and the materials. Most of the materials used by the students are waste which links the idea of this project to the attitude to environmental pollution and the issue of recycling.

The goal is, through the extraordinary artistic activity and the readily available materials and techniques, to influence both the attitude to nature and the creativity of the audience made of random passers-by. Thus the students themselves feel the impact of their fieldwork art, with all the reactions it provokes and the communication they are able to engage in in a park.

In the first stage of the project the students will install their works in the park, choosing the most suitable locations and exploring the contact with the audience. In the second stage, the photo and video documentation of this experience will appear in Credo Bonum gallery already as a series of independent works alongside the objects that before that have been displayed in the park.

As part of the "Interventions" project, a presentation by the students Gabriela Milanova and Yana Kalcheva is planned to take place in December, again in the framework of the festival of art in public spaces.

photos: Simeon Stoilov

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