Contemporary space, Varna: Choose Training

Contemporary space

Varna, 23 Marko Balabanov Str.

Kalin Serapionov

Choose Training

9 May – 8 June, 2014

The work of Kalin Serapionov is the second one from the Videocave project curated by Maria Vassileva which gives opportunity for showing video installations – a specific part of contemporary art. The work is created especially for Contemporary Space, Varna Bulgaria and it is conformed to its architectural characteristics and distinctiveness.

Kalin Serapionov loans the title from the high tech fitness devices with predefined training presets. To the almost robotized daily grind of contemporary man that consists of constant choices, the artist gives new opportunities – to look intently at the world that passes by and remains unnoticed. 

The video installation is composed of three synchronized projections that use live footage taken from the big city streets. Illuminated colour signs are alternating with shots of static buildings. The chaos of elements, lights and contrasts is gradually arranged and forms a total image. Video shots of contemporary ways of entertainment and time spending are sneaking through, which exalts the feeling of the routine way of life.

The sound is created by Angel Simitchiev and is especially designed to enhance the artificialness of the environment but also to build a general rhythm in which all these different images can live together.

In this project Kalin Serapionov continues his searches started in the video ‘As Far Away as Near’ (ICA – Sofia, 2013) where the lunar eclipse is compared to the illuminated signs symbolizing the consumerism. Today’s professional interests of the artist are far from the popular documentary-like approach and are directed to the creation of a powerful and strongly captivating vision which at the same time uses the achievements of contemporary advertisement but is also critical to the created clichés.

The Author thanks to Maria Vassileva, Vladiya Mihaylova, Dimitar Dilkov, Spiro Petrov, Temelko Temelkov, Eva Stoilova, Vasil Atanasov, ‘Playground’, ‘Slavia – Sportes’ Fitness, Ilinka Chergarova, Teodora Spasova, Yoan Galabov, Dimi Solakov, Irena Solakova, Georgi Nikolov, Angel Simitchiev, Dimitar Apostolov for their support during the realization of the artwork.

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