Center for Visual Arts, Bucharest: PERFORMANCE – ADINA MOCANU & ALEXANDRA SAND

The Center for Visual Arts – multimedia center – invites you Tuesday, 16 of September to the performance ”PLAN B” of the artistic duo Adina Mocanu and Alexandra Sand.

The event is part of the project ”ART IN BUCHAREST”

”We are Adina Mocanu (b. 1990.) and Alexandra Sandu (b. 1990.) and we live, study and work in Bucharest, Romania. One year ago we formed an artist duo. Since then, through a mechanism of negotiation, collaboration, and questioning which working as a duo implies, we investigate the connections between our identity as human beings and our identity as artists. We are also preoccupied by an investigation of the interconnection between society as a cultural playground and personal rituals based on individuality.

We tend to focus our attention on two different ideas and ways of understanding art, from very personal works, to actions with a powerful social questioning. Another important part of our work is represented by a continuous exploring of our relationship as an artists’ duo, as friends and also as exponents of our generation.

We understand art, in general terms, as being a battlefield. However, not in the sense of competition. Art to us means a battle of ideas, a struggle in continue research, and a constant improvement of visual or conceptual language. We feel art is an endless possibility to project ourselves into an alter-modern world, in which we can interact with various mediums and forms of representation. Central to our practice, is travelling and exploring new societies, finding the common background, and using it to create similarities and appropriations.” – Adina Mocanu and Alexandra Sand

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