Art news from ‘Ukraine’

ARSENALE 2012: the first Kiev International Biennale

ARSENALE 2012: The First Kiev International Biennale of Contemporary Art 24 May–31 July 2012 ARSENALE 2012 will be the first Biennale to take place in Kiev, Ukraine. Under the Direction of Commissioner, Nataliia Zabolotna and artistic direction of renowned British Curator, David Elliott, the Biennale will be entitled The Best of Times, The Worst […]

Ya Gallery, Kiev: The Rake

Heat 6, from series Rake, 2011, digital print Oleksandr Kadnikov The Rake 16.05 – 06.06.12 Kadnikov's method is original in a way that it is an installation frozen in photography. Instead of capturing a ready plot from the surrounding, the author constructs it himself, sculpts if from objects and symbols familiar to all the successors […]

Tsekh Gallery, Кiev: SNOW

Rustam Mirzoev SNOW 27.04 – 19.05.2012 Snow in my work – it's just a clean canvas on which all these fences, wheels and benches are perceived very differently. The snow outside the window – it's "aggressive" white canvas, closing at the time  usual and not always a pleasant image, which becomes a huge snow master-pieces […]

Ya Art Gallery, Kiev: Geo

  25.04 – 15.05.12 Geo. Anton Logov In his new project the artist is exploring earth as a part of geometry in the modern perspective on urbanism and human nature. Human aggression turns earth into abstract geometry. “The project unites earthly, geological resources (metals, silver, gold) in the concept of a modern city, and glazing […]

Ya Galley Art Center, Kiev: The Race

from series "Cockfights", 2012, canvas, acrylic, enamel 20.04 – 02.06.12 The Race. Mykyta Kravtsov We are inviting you to the opening of "The Race" exhibition that will take place in Ya Galley Art Center in Dnipropetrovks from 19.00 to 21.30 on Friday, April 20th.   "At the end of the XIX century people developed a […]

Ya Galley Art Center, Kiev: Figure Vivace

11.04 – 23.04.12 Figure Vivace We are inviting you to the opening of "Figure vivace" exhibition that will take place in Ya Galley Art Center at 49B Khoryva St. from 19.00 to 21.00 on Wednesday, April 11th. Lina Anzhan, Denis Bernard, Emmanuel Bornstein, Anatoliy Bielov, Daniel Dejean, Hippolyte Hentgen, Murielle Maudet, Rostyslav Koterlin, Volodymyr Kostyrko, […]

YA Gallery, Kiev: LOVE

07.03 – 07.04.12 LOVE. Mykola Kolomiets Participant of exhibitions New Old Masters in Lviv National Art Gallery and in Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum, student of the legendary Yevhen Bykov, this time prepared a series of works where a collective image of a modern girl from social networks is constructed in classical portrait style and technique. The […]

Ya Gallery art center, Kiev: BLIND

07.03 – 07.04.12 Blind. Illya Prunenko Illya Prunenko, young artist and philosopher from Dnipropetrovsk, has participated in Ya Gallery projects twice – Genofond Fest and Artists' Association in Dnipropetrovsk. Series "Blind", that will be presented in Kyiv for the first time, consists of realistic portraits that acquire a metaphoric meaning of the ever-urgent problem of […]

Ya Gallery, Kiev: The Rake

Oleksandr Kadnikov, Sandwich-nostalgia, 2009 Ya Gallery art centre in Dnipropetrovsk 02.03 – 14.04.12 The Rake. Oleksandr Kadnikov Rake. In no search for truth. [everyone chooses their own version depending on one's education and experience] Variant #1 Law of large numbers states: optimism multiplied by locality is no longer accidental. Our life is what's left in […]

Tsekh Gallery, Kiev: IMMIGRATION TO CUBA

Yurі Ermolenko IMMIGRATION TO CUBA 24.02 – 24.03.2012 The LIBERTY Island, a deviant in the modern world. A country full of poignancy, passion, inspiration. But how do we imagine Cuba? In a philistine way. Rum, "Che", cigars… In his new project, Yuri Yermolenko tries to knock down the patterns with which we think of Cuba. […]

Tsekh Gallery, Kiev: CITATIONS

Mykola Bіlous CITATIONS   18.02 – 18.03.2012 Curator: Oksana Barshynova NATIONAL ART MUSEUM OF UKRAINE Kyiv, str. Hrushevsky, 6  Modern “Citations” on Ukrainian classics On February 18, 2012 National art museum of Ukraine presents contemporary art exhibition “Citations” of the artist Mykola Bilous. “Citations” are the master’s replicas of the famous Ukrainian classics available […]

Ya Gallery Art Center, Kiev: Body-Mechanism

Formula of spring, 2011, oil on canvas 08.02 – 07.03.12 Body-Mechanism. Mykyta Kravtsov Ya Gallery art centre presents "Body-mechanism" project – study of carnality in the context of contemporary culture. The exhibition is divided into three thematic blocks. Series "Venus" tells about erasure any individuality in an attempt to be "somebody" and physical suffering associated […]

PinchukArtCentre, Kiev: Beauty

"Beauty", Solo Exhibition by Gary Hume 4 February 2012 – 1 April 2012 PinchukArtCentre presents the first solo exhibition by the British artist Gary Hume in Eastern Europe. The show entitled Beauty includes more than 60 paintings, drawings and two sculptures. Gary Hume’s painting seduces often by being beautiful. Starting his artistic practice with his […]

PinchukArtCentre, Kiev: In light, black, colour, white, and dark

“The beauty of photography is rooted in the great collage wich everyday life is, a combination of absolutely concrete and specific things created by no-one and everyone, all of which becomes available once it is unified into a picture”. Jeff Wall interviewed by Arielle Pélenc, Phaidon 1996 "In light, black, colour, white, and dark", Solo […]

PinchukArtCentre, Kiev: Solo Exhibition of Mykola Matsenko

Solo Exhibition of Mykola Matsenko in the context of РАС-UA 4 February 2012 – March 2012 PAC-UA is a special line to present new production of leading Ukrainian artists embedded in the international context of the Collection Platform, aiming to research ongoing artistic processes within the country and support strong and long-term collaboration between the […]

Ya Gallery Art Center, Kiev: Deus Ex Machina

Flowers and Bones, 2011, canvas, acryl, spra 17.01 – 26.02.12 Deus Ex Machina. Oleksandr Korol Ya Gallery Art Center at 17 Husenko Str. In the history of ancient Greek theatre Deus Ex Machina (Latin: "God out of the machine") is a trick performed with the help of a mechanism with a hook for the god-actor […]

Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum: New Old Masters

Volodimir Kostyrko, Portrait of a man with a skull, 2009, oil on canvas 20.12.11 – 15.02.12 New Old Masters. Curated by Pavlo Gudimov Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum on 21 Shevchenka Str The ship of the ancient hero Theseus, in which he reached Crete, was kept in Athene's Acropolis for a long time. As one or another […]

Ya Gallery, Kiev: TWO

11.01 – 06.02.12 Oleg Gryshchenko TWO Dualism is characteristic of our nature. It permeates all the existence. All our life is divided into material and spiritual, exterior and interior, high and low, naturalistic and symbolic, conscious and unconscious, literal and figurative. These two directives exist in every individual, every personality, sometimes intertwining with each other, […]

Ya Gallery Art Center, Kiev: Cabernet

11.01 – 06.02.12 Cabernet. Oleksandr and Tamara Babak "Hurry, give me a goblet of wine, so that I can freshen my mind and say something smart" Aristophanes Based on Tom Standage's research "A History of the World in Glasses"*, it is possible to come to a conclusion that grapes hold a chronologically second position in […]

Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev: Collection Platform 2: Circulation

Damien Hirst, Beautiful Zeus Maia Freya Isis Mediative Hysterical Sensory-Deprived Dream Painting, 2007 Collection Platform 2: Circulation 29 October 2011 – 1 April 2012 PinchukArtCentre presents Collection Platform 2: Circulation, a completely renewed exhibition of selected works from the collection representing leading international and Ukrainian contemporary artists. The show located on the 5th floor of […]