Art news from ‘Slovenia’

Alkatraz Gallery: Tree Particle

Boštjan Drinovec: Tree Particle 22 April 2014 > 16 May 2014 Kindly invited to the opening of the "Tree Particle" exhibition by Boštjan Drinovec, on Tuesday, 22nd April, at 8 pm in the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova mesto. Boštjan Drinovec is a sculptor who has been creating in his garage studio at the Autonomous Cultural [...]

Center for Contemporary Arts Celje: POLITICS WITHIN

POLITICS WITHIN Fokus Grupa, IC – 98, IRWIN, Borut Peterlin, Nives Sertić, Jonas Staal, Hito Steyerl Curated by: Irena Borić Borut Peterlin, Flower Power, photo serie, 2008-2013 Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, 17. 4. – 8. 6. 2014 Locations: Gallery of Contemporary Art and Likovni salon "Meanwhile, with this programme, as with all programmes, you [...]

Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana: Mirko Malle, Articulation Artistica International & Peter Ciuha: Freedoms

Mirko Malle, Articulation Artistica International & Peter Ciuha: Freedoms 21 March 2014 > 16 April 2014 Kindly invited to the celebration of vernal equinox with the opening of the exhibition, concert & storytelling, part of "Freedoms" event, presented by AAI art collective, Mirko Malle & Peter Ciuha & friends of the collective. The event starts [...]


ARTSCAPE: SLOVENIA March 25 – May 10, 2014 Opening 25 March , 6 pm  On 25 March, at 6 pm, two solo exhibitions will be opened at Galerija Vartai as part of the long-term Artscape project. This time the gallery presents two artists who employ scientific laws, discoveries and tools in their work. They are [...]

Alkatraz Gallery: Through Her Eyes. The Flashes of Lesbian-Feminist Production

06 March 2014 > 18 March 2014 Kindly invited to the opening of "Through Her Eyes. The Flashes of Lesbian-Feminist Production" group exhibition, on Wednesday, 6th March, at 9 pm in the Alkatraz Gallery. The exhibition is a part of 15th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns. You are also kindly invited to the [...]

Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana: Uroš Weinberger & Gregor Balog – Blur Techno

You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition: Blur Techno, by Uroš Weinberger & Gregor Balog, on Friday, 21th February 2014 at 8 pm, at Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova. 21 February 2014 > 04 March 2014 Blur Techno, a joint exhibition project of Gregor Balog and Uroš Weinberger, draws its idea at the [...]

Alkatraz Gallery: Huiqin Wang & Metod Frlic: 社会主义图标 / The Icons of Socialism

You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition: 社会主义图标  / The Icons of Socialism, by Huiqin Wang & Metod Frlic, on Wednesday, 18th December 2013 at 8 pm, at Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova. Artists / Authors of the concept: Huiqin Wang and Metod Frlic Curator: Jadranka Plut Video: Ciril Mlinar Photographs: Saje Wang [...]

Alkatraz Gallery: Igor Eškinja – The Day After

Igor Eškinja: The Day After 27 November 2013 > 13 December 2013 Kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition The Day Before, by Igor Eškinja, curated by Petja Grafenauer, on Wednesday 27th November, at 8pm, at Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova. We may fool ourselves about art being autonomous, but I suppose it is important [...]

Alkatraz Gallery: Head Through the Wall by Tina Drčar

25 October – 15 November 2013 You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition Head Through the Wall, by Tina Drčar. The opening will take place at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova mesto, on Friday, 25th October at 8 pm. The exhibition entitled Head Through the Wall represents a retrospective of the creation [...]

Alkatraz Gallery: At the Eye Level

You are cordially invited to the opening of the group exhibition At the eye level by artists of Kolonie Wedding Association from Berlin, on Friday, 18th October at 8 pm at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova mesto. You are also welcome to the discussion with visiting artists on the same day at 6 pm at [...]


Red Dawns: Special October Edition 2013 Welcome to the special October edition of Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns. For this occasion, we have allied with the 19th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women. Our joint project Red Dawn above the City of Women continues our locally situated feminist and queer politics. [...]

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery: OFIS_open_files

05/10/13 – 13/11/13  Exhibition  Jaroslav Fragner Gallery From 5th October, visitors to the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery can look forward to the new exhibition called OFIS_open_files which will introduce the creations of a very young and successful architectural pair from Slovenia. The formal opening will be held in JFG on Friday 4th October at 19:00. The [...]

Metelkova revived!

Have you ever attended an auction of artworks? Serious faces, tightly-tied ties, bourgeois interiors, predictable scenario of the event. Metelkova has created its own version of painting and sculpture marketing, besides the traditional function, also including the added Metelkova value. Just imagine people from all walks of life (serious collectors, Metalkova goers, journalists, rubberneckers, winners [...]

Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana: Marko Šuštaršič – A Retrospective

Marko Šuštaršič (1927 – 1976): A Retrospective 6 February – 1 September 2013 Moderna galerija, Cankarjeva 15 Exhibition curator: Marko Jenko Picture book – Good old times, 1972, oil on canvas, Moderna galerija (842/S) The retrospective is the most extensive exhibition of the artist's oeuvre by now; there are over 250 exhibits, including paintings, drawings [...]

MSUM Ljubljana: U3, 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia – Resilience

U3, 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia – Resilience 20 June – 29 September 2013 Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3 For the whole program of performative projects and public debates please see: Guided tours on Wednesdays at 4 p. m. Participants: Artists Club (Thibaut Espiau, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Grégoire Motte) Art [...]

Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana: FRONT(A)

Goran Škofić: FRONT(A) 20 August – 06 September, 2013 Alkatraz Gallery kindly invites you to the opening of the exhibition FRONT(A), by Goran Škofić, on Tuesday, 20th August 2013, at 8pm, at Alkatraz Gallery. The project was carried out in collaboration with Studentski centar Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia and curated by Ksenija Baronica.

Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana: Productive Inefficiency

Ignacio Uriarte Productive Inefficiency 6.8. – 30.8.2013 Ignacio Uriarte (1972) was born and grew up in Krefeld in Germany. He studied business administration in Madrid and Mannheim, then worked for various corporations in Germany, Spain and Mexico. There, he

Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana: Eve’s Second Nature

Nataša Ribič Štefanec Eve's Second Nature 29. May – 21. June 2013 Nataša Ribič Štefanec, Jezni otrok Alkatraz Gallery kindly invites You to the opening of the exhibition: Eve's Second Nature by Nataša Ribič Štefanec, on Wednesday, 29th May, at 8pm at Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova Mesto. Nataša Ribič Štefanec, who knows very well how [...]


ESSL ART AWARD CEE Cover motive: Martin Mrzljak (Winner ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2011, Croatia), Dance to…(Detail), 2010, Essl Private Collection, © the artist, photo: Siniša Uštulica Awarded by the Essl Collection, powered by bauMax and Vienna Insurance Group Established in 2005 the ESSL ART AWARD is dedicated to the discovery and support of art [...]

Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana: Good Day Today!

Matej Čepin: Good Day Today! 08 May – 24 May 2013 Matej Čepin, Funny Games With clichés like ‘Good Day, Isn’t It?’ and killingly boring staring exhibitionists, weirdoes, and derails of all kinds slurp the energy from Čepin’s paintings, demanding