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Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade: INVISIBLE VIOLENCE

INVISIBLE VIOLENCE A multi-disciplinary project co-produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (MoCAB) and ARTIUM Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art Curators: Zoran Erić, Blanca de la Torre and Seamus Kealy Exhibition venues:  MoCAB Salon, Heritage House, Institute Cervantes – Belgrade, Serbia  from May 9th 2014 till June 30th, 2014 Opens Friday May 9th, 7 […]

The weight of weightlessness: rhymes and rhythms of paper

an exhibition by Prilla Tania, Irfan Hendrian & Ivana Stojakovic the weight of weightlessness: rhymes and rhythms of paper at Dia.Lo.Gue. Art Space is a contemporary art exhibition by three Bandung-based artists: Prilla Tania (Bandung, Indonesia 1979), Irfan Hendrian (Ohio, US, 1987) and Ivana Stojakovic (Belgrade, Serbia, 1976). Prilla Tania, Irfan Hendrian and Ivana Stojakovic […]

BALKAN(S) NOW | 11 December 2013, Belgrade

We cordially invite you to join us for the Film and Video screening, BALKAN(S) NOW:  Date: 11 December 2013, 18:00 – 19:30  Artists: Yane Calovski, Nemanja Cvijanović, Ibro Hasanović, Astrit Ismaili, Alban Muja, Vladan Jeremić and Rena Rädle, Milica Tomić Project Curators: Gülsen Bal and Marlene Rigler  Venue: Remont – independent artistic association The project […]

Risha Project/Sava Marinković&Harry Pannon/Notes On Graphic Journalism @brod ŽUPA

7/11/2013, 7pm NOTES ON GRAPHIC JOURNALISM is a small collection of materials, theoretical texts, comics, sketches and concepts created during the workshop on graphic journalism that took place in Elektrika gallery in October 2013. Of course, this manual is not pretending to explain all the aspects of this topic, although it can be a good […]

Graficki Kolektiv Gallery, Belgrade: My eternal friends: The rocks of Treskavac

Zoran Ivanovski My eternal friends: The rocks of Treskavac August 19 – 31, 2013 On Monday, August 19 at 8pm an exhibition of photographs "My eternal friends: The rocks of Treskavac" by Zoran Ivanovski will be open.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade: Cinema by Other Means

Cinema by Other Means 11 July, 2013 – 29 September, 2013 Kino drugim sredstvima, izgled postavke, Legat Čolaković. Foto: Sasa Reljić Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade/ Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković Rodoljuba Čolakovića 2, Beograd working hours: from 12:00 to 20:00, except Tuesdays ……………………………………………………………………… Cinema by Other Means Curator: Dejan Sretenović Miša Avramović […]

Artget Gallery, Belgrade: Obsession

OBSESSION 19.07 – 14.08.2013 Authors presented at the exhibition: Aleksandra Perović Mihajlović, Bogdan Radenković, Marija Strajnić, Milica Balubdžić, Nemanja Knežević Photographs suppress our critical awareness in order to make us forget the mindless absurdity of the process of functionality, and it is only thanks to this suppression that functionality is possible at all. Thus

The Art Gallery, Belgrade: Neighboring Landscapes

Neighboring Landscapes curated by: Boško Bošković 18 Jul – 14 Aug, 2013 Sandra Dukić Neighboring Landscapes Project – Residency Unlimited New York with Cultural Centre of Belgrade. Eight artists will present their works at the exhibition: Renata Poljak (Croatia), Sebastian Leban i Stas Kleindienst (Slovenia), Sandra Dukic (Republika Srpska), Jelena Tomašević (Montenegro), Ivana Ivković (Serbia), […]

Graficki Kolektiv Gallery, Belgrade: Viennese masters of Printmaking

Viennese masters of Printmaking June 24 – July 6, 2013 The reputation of printed graphic art in the second half of the 20th century in Austria was excellent, because there were some artists who specialized in printed art, developing there a very characteristic visual


CRAZY GOAT ART PROMOTIONS: Re: Location 2013 International Artist Exchange Project Friday, July 19, 2013 The aim of Re: location is to integrate arts groups from diverse cultural backgrounds and to unite artists from the 6 former states of Yugoslavia. ‘Crazy Goat Art Promotions’ led by artist Mike Walton is an International Arts Organisation that […]

The Art Gallery, Belgrade: Brilliant paintings

Exhibition "Brilliant paintings" by Zolt Kovac 30 May – 16 Jun, 2013 After "Stupid paintings" and "Too-much-information paintings", Zolt Kovac atelier brings you "Brilliant paintings". The Art Gallery 6 Knez Mihailova Street, Belgrade Open: Tuesday–Sunday, 11p.m. – 9 a.m.  

Graficki Kolektiv Gallery, Belgrade: May Exhibition of the Print Art

May Exhibition of the Print Art 2013 May 20 – June 8 Milena Maksimović Kovačević, L`amore, come la morte, cambia tutto, The Great Seal Award 2013   On Monday, May 20, the May Exhibition of the Print Art was open. Graficki Kolektiv Gallery The exhibiting activities of the Graficki Kolektiv are represented by the exhibitions […]

Night of Museums on May 18th in Belgrade

Museum Night The tenth jubilee edition of Museum Night will be held on Saturday 18 May 2013 from 6pm till 2am. During one single night 55 locations in Belgrade and 68 towns in Serbia will bring together 150 cultural institutions – museums, galleries and exhibition spaces. Jubilee Museum Night is part of a larger but […]

ELEKTRIKA, Pancevo: 280 pages of comics

ELEKTRIKA, Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo Thursday, November 22, 2012, 8 pm We are glad to invite you to join us at the showcase of artworks that are about to be published in new comics book by Association for improvement of culture "Elektrika". That is, 280 pages of comics inspired by some of the most prominent […]

Maison Folie Wazemmes, Paris: HIGH-WIRE ACT

HIGH-WIRE ACT Maison Folie Wazemmes 70 rue des Sarrazins – 59000 Lille France Contemporary art exhibition on the political, social and personal concepts of borders with: Loredana Bianconi, Lana Cmajcanin, Leila Cmajcanin, Adela Jusic, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Sarah Vanagt and Vladan Jeremic & Rena Radle Opening: Wednesday 16th May 2012 at 18.00 Closing date: Sunday 27th […]

Elektrika Pancevo: ICONOSTASIS OF ISMS

ALEKSANDAR TODOROVIC – Iconostasis of Isms Sunday, 18th March, 20h, Elektrika, Radomira Putnika 7 Pancevo exhibition of prints 21h: live> NOISE QUARTET /Lenhart, Brkic, Culjic, Mihovilovic/ ICONOSTASIS OF ISMS "The name of the whole project is the Iconostatsis of Isms. It is the analysis of evil which lurks beneath all the three poles of […]

Gallery Elektrika, Pančevo: RODCHENKO 120

Silent Wall Army and Association “Elektrika” present RODCHENKO 120 collective exhibition of posters inspired by art of Alexander Rodchenko Monday, 5th March 2012, 19h Gallery Elektrika Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo, Serbia Year 2012 marks the 120th anniversary of the great avant-garde artist Alexander Rodchenko. To celebrate this event Russian Academy of Graphic Design together with […]

Galerija Elektrika, Pančevo: Active Poetry Training

GRRR! PROGRAM Saturday 04.02.2012 On Saturday February 4th 2012, starting at 19h, the Elektrika venue (Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo) will host a new edition of Pesničenje – Active Poetry Training, as part of the GRRR! Program. Pesničenje "searches out and fosters individual and group efforts to create poetry outside of established circles“ and, due to […]

The dress on Jakarta Biennale # 14

6 Jan 2012  Pintu Barat, Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia Author/costume: Julie Laffin Performer: Ivana Stojakovic

Jakarta Biennale #14 : Performance OVER

Shield, 2007, Julie Laffin & Clover Morell, Performance Performance "Over" on Jakarta Biennale # 14 6 Jan 2012  From 3 until 5 pm Pintu Barat, Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia Author/costume: Julie Laffin Performer: Ivana Stojakovic Julie Laffin would like to thank the generosity of Ancol Dreamland, the Jakarta Biennale #14, and the Dewan Kesenian Jakarta for bringing her […]

Danilo Prnjat: Lilly Project

LILLY PROJECT Performance, 2007 Author: Danilo Prnjat Production: Mangelos – KONTEKST gallery, Belgrade, Serbia Medium: Performance transferred on DVD, Color, Sound Length: 7’18”, loop Year: 2007 Description: When it comes to public space, the dominant principles applied in organizing our immediate environment are gender based, from separate public toilets for men and women, to large […]


GRRR! PROGRAM Elektrika gallery, Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo / 02.12.2011, 19h UROS DJURIC – NEGATIVE HEROES IN COMICS slide presentation/lecture/open chat   On Friday December 2nd, Pancevo Cultural Center and Sasa Rakezic will present the new edition of the series of events titled GRRR! Program, at the Elektrika venue ( Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo), starting […]


Silent Wall Army presents Friday, 25. November 2011, 19h ELEKTRIKA, Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo, Serbia Stanislav Silantyev – “DETAILS” exhibition of digital prints and paintings Stanislav Silantyev and Oleksandr Gorskiy – GLAVNOE /Main/ promotion of poetry publication GLAVNOE /Main/ – collection of postcards containing paintings of Stanislav Silantyev accompanied by poetry written by Ukrainian poet […]


Thursday, October 27 · 6:00pm – 11:30pm Location: Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo ELEKTRIKA Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo SINESTEZIJA FESTIVAL SHOWCASE DJ MOODSWINGER DJ FELONY FLATS feat: FUCK NEW RAVE SRETAN BOR WEEDZOR D-BEND


A DOUBLE PROGRAM IN ELEKTRIKA – DAMIR AVDIĆ + GRRR PROGRAM, 21.10.2011. Elektrika venue (Vojvode Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo) will host a double program on Friday 21st 2011. At 20h there will be a concert by Damir Avdić, one of the most interesting representatives of the Bosnian underground. This will be followed at 21 h […]