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SPACES: I Chisinau – a city in transformation

I Chisinau – a city in transformation – exhibition opening: August 14 2014, 7 pm period: August 14-26, 2014 Zpace (Casa Zemstvei Guberniale) Al. Sciusev str. 103, Chisinau The exposition of photography I Chisinau – a city in transformation includes the works of several authors, residents of Chisinau, but also the works of those who [...]

Zpace #5 – Advocating cultural changes

Zpace #5 – Advocating cultural changes Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 5 pm Zpace (Casa Zemstvei Guberniale) str. Al. Sciusev 103, Chisinau Zpace meetings continue to take place. Oberliht Association, invites you to the 5th public meeting – Zpace #5, from the series of meetings with the independent cultural organizations and initiatives from Moldova. This project [...]

Careful attitude towards the small things

Exhibition: "Careful attitude towards the small things" Participants: Ramin Mazur, Dorin Goian, Anton Poleakov, Alisa Samovarova, Natalia Ciobanu, Tatiana Fiodorova, Eugeniu Sclifos, Elena Perevalova Melnic, Valeria Barbas, Mihai Moldovanu, Dan Guțu. A photograph in contemporary world – does it still matter? Everything has already been photographed, shared on the internet, we have seen far away [...]

The Idea Camp 2014

European Cultural Foundation We invite you to submit an innovative, daring idea for cross-sectoral collaboration that engages Europeans in re-defining and shaping “public space”. From the applications we receive, we will choose the 50 most viable and innovative ideas. These will be represented by the successful applicants at ECF’s first annual Idea Camp, co-hosted by [...]

ARTKIOSK: Dan Perjovschi in residency

May 27-31, 2014 From the 27th to the 31st of May 2014, Dan Perjovschi will take part in KIOSK residency program in Chisinau, where next to local artists, he will explore, through his drawings, various issues related to the local context (those linked to urban transformations in Chisinau, particularly to the project of Cantemir Boulevard [...]

Zpace: Management of cultural project – open call for a workshop

Zpace: Management of cultural project – open call for a workshop Oberliht Association in collaboration with Warsztaty Kultury in Lublin and MitOst, Berlin invites you, from 13 of May to 15 of May, 2014, to take part in the workshop Collaborative Project Development Tools. The workshop is dedicated to people who are interested and eager [...]

ARTKIOSK, Chisinau: Eaves drop ear drops

ARTKIOSK: Eaves drop ear drops performancy by Meldy Maria FLAT SPACE April 28, 2014, 4 p.m. str. Bucuresti 68/1, Chisinau I like to gaze Look down up At you Imagine your smell Taste your coffee Is it strong or weak  From a distance Voyeur in my city Passing streets Was I alone Behind walls inside [...]


In the frame of KIOSK project / SPACES (sustainable public areas for culture in eastern countries), Oberliht Association invites culture, youth organizations and artists from Moldova to submit proposals for art projects / works / messages to be presented/hang out at FLAT SPACE. We are willing to support your project, intervention and/or activity by offering [...]

CEREMONIES solo show by Roman TOLICI at The National Art Museum of Moldova

The National Art Museum of Moldova presents CEREMONIES A solo show by Roman TOLICI Curator Adina Zorzini Opening: Thursday 10 of April at 3 pm 31 August 1989 Street, no. 115, Chisinau Roman Tolici is a renowned Romanian artist of Moldavian origin, born in 1974 in Ghetlova (the former USSR) and established in Bucharest since [...]


until May 31, 2014 INSTRUCTIONS. How to get home in Durlești during nighttime  Exhibition by Ludmila BOUROȘ FLAT SPACE str. București 68/1, Chișinău What do you do when you are being followed by a strange person on the way home ? Do you run away, or do you count your heartbeats under the pressure of [...]

Volunteering for Chisinau

January 24, 2014, 6 am location: Teatru Spălătorie str. Eminescu 72, Chisinau Would you like to hear about volunteering in Chisinau? Are you interested in art and culture? Would you like to participate in some activities by yourself? Then come to the event this Friday, 24.01.2014, at 6 pm at Teatru Spalatorie (str. Eminescu 72, [...]

ZPACE: Zpace #2 Report

And so a second meeting from the meetings series of independent organizations and initiatives in Chisinau took place. On November 6, 2013, at Casa Zemstvei Guberniale, Zpace #2 was held. If at the first meeting participated more NGOs, then to the second one active independent artists and initiatives from Chisinau were invited to dialogue. Alexandru [...]

Pavel Braila Artist from Moldova, Won Celeste Prize 2013

WINNERS CELESTE PRIZE 2013, 5th EDITION International contemporary arts prize at FIENAROLI 28, Rome, Italy, 7-15 December 2013 Organised by Celeste Network On Saturday 7 December hundreds of arts lovers gathered with Celeste Prize finalists and the prize curator Ami Barak to determine with  their votes this year’s winners who received 20.000 € in cash [...]

CHIOȘC AIR/SPACES: #direnGezi – presentation, 08.09.2013

Stefan TIRON – public presentation September 8 2013, 6 pm location: Zpace (Casa Zemstvei Guberniale) Sciusev St. 103, Chisinau #direnGezi Occupy Gezi: the dynamics of tear gas, radical proximity, human swarms and the circulation of protest images in the media Links free entrance This event is part of SPACES: Chisinau Civic Center – [...]


Ewa RUDNICKA: Warsaw Public public presentation: September 4, 2013, 6 pm location: Zpace (Casa Zemstvei Guberniale) Sciusev St. 103, Chisinau In my presentation I will speak about: – Architectural installations in Warsaw and Cracow. – My inspirations and my way of working. – Practice in scale 1:1 as an important part of evolution of every [...]

SPACES/CHIOȘC/K.A.I.R., Chisinau: If you don’t need it | Red line

Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal “если вам не нужны / красная линия“ (If you don’t need it / Red line) screening: Monday, July 29, 2013, 9 pm intersection of Ismail str. with Cantemir Bd., Chisinau If you don’t need it / Red line The project by Jana Kapelová and Michal Moravčík is [...]

SPACES/CHIOȘC/K.A.I.R., Chisinau: If you don’t need it

Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal presentation: July 26-27, 2013, 2pm-7pm “If you don’t need it“ The collective project by Jana Kapelová and Michal Moravčík titled “если вам не нужны” (“If you don’t need it”) is  an investigation into the old – original “Balkan” part of the  city center of Chisinau, which will [...]

KIOSK, Chisinau: Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal

Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal public presentation: July 9, 2013, 18:00 location: Casa Zemstvei Guberniale str. Șciusev 103, Chisinau You are welcome to attend the presentation of Michal Moravčík and Jana Kapelová who will speak about their individual artistic practices and will also make reference to their works in public space in [...]


FROM THE ABYSS TO THE WIDE OPEN — THE PERFORMANCE OF PHOTOGRAPHY period: July 9-12, 2013, 14:00-18:00 location: Casa Zemstvei Guberniale str. Șciusev 103, Chisinau «From the Abyss to the Wide Open – Photographic Act, Performance and Supreme Fullness» continues the artistic work «Nature in Abyss» initiated in 2009. It is a life long research [...]

Kickstarter campaign for Aesthletics in Moldova

Aesthletics is coming to Moldova to research contemporary sport practice and to create and perform new sports Sport Invention workshop at Cologne Media Academy AESTHLETICS IN MOLDOVA In August 2013, I will collaborate with the Chiosc and the Oberliht Young Artists Association in Chisinau to research Moldovan sport culture, and to invent and perform new [...]

KIOSK, Chisinau: Collective Drawing

Collective Drawing perfomance by Ana Nobre invitation to trace lines in the square with the help of the body and of the cars B68 – free zone /art space 31 mai 2013, ora 6:00 am – 6:00 pm str. București 68/1, Chișinău

Open Museum Night, Chisinau

Open Museum Night, Chisinau May 19-20th Museums were open during the night in big cities all across Europe, from Paris to Saint Petersburg. As Moldova didn’t want to be outdone, Chisinau followed the step of its neighbours on

SPACES: Mapping of public space in Chisinau

SPACES: Mapping of public space in Chisinau workshop – presentation May 16, 2013, 5 pm location: Casa Zemstvei Guberniale Șciusev str. 103, Chisinau free entrance We have the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of the final results of the Mapping of public space in Chisinau workshop that took place between 2-7 of July [...]

Pracownia, Chisinau: When she experiences this…

"When she experiences this…" 8 1/2 Women Artists from Moldova 27.04.2013, Pracownia Karol Tchorek Tusia Zhurminskaia (video), Tatiana Fiodorova (art-book), Nelly Vranceanu (bricollage, mail-art), Lucia Macari (object), Alina Radu, Aneta Grosu, aka Ziarul de Garda (mass-media), Cristina Prohorenco (graphics), Natalia Cebotari (photography), Valeria Barbas (sound-art). 20.00 – The screening of Tusia Zhurminskaia's 32 min. video [...]

Galéria HIT, Bratislava: KIOSK exhibition

Ștefan RUSU, Flat Space – model, 2008 CHIOȘC/KIOSK exhibition Galéria HIT, Bratislava April 17 – May 10, 2013 April 17, 2013, 6pm – opening Eternal Play 2012, a film by Paula DURINOVA – screening April 17, 2013, 8pm