CASA DELL’ARTE, Bodrum: Carved into Time

Casa dell'Arte Gallery in Bodrum is hosting "Carved into Time" ( ZAMANA YONTULAN ) exhibition by Kazım Karakaya from 11 August until 14 September.

10 large size scultpures produced by the artist during the last 5 years will be on display. Besides marble, Karakaya discovers/offers to discover materials such as wood, basalt and aluminum. Presented at the garden of Casa dell'Arte Bodrum where they meet with the light of the Mediterranean, the sculptures engage directly with the space through the sea, the waves, the wind and the sand.

"The striking beauty of existence wraps them like a silk cloth. They flow like a drop of water, a woman on a skin, a fish on top of a wave, arms on wings, a feather on a bird, a foam on wood…Underneath it all, rise the waves of the impossible struggle against death. While time wavers in silence, as if it was carved not into Stone but into water, the music that light sings at the surface of these forms is ruptured by a thin line that comes from the dark depths of the stone and translates the sorrows of our conscience…" – Cennet Türker.

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