Califia Gallery, Horazdovice: Forests and gardens

Forests and gardens

The exhibition: 11 May to  6 June

The opening: 11 May at 6 pm

Musical and dramatic performance: ZUŠ Horažďovice
Commented tour: Marie Bubeníková, Eva Heyd, Hana Nováková
Opening words: Barbara Benish

Artists: Eva Heyd, Hana Nováková, Marie Bubeníková

– Music performance ZUŠ Horažďovice
– Opening words
– Commented tour
– Unveiling of the Recycling statue
– Film „Bag it – is your life too plastic?“

Domesticated gardens were once cultivated for food supplies. This tradition still exists in many cultures, including the Czech Republic. They are a source of delight and beauty, as well as providing subsistence for the family or local region. Galerie Califia supports locally grown food, as compared to imported from distant lands which costs money in transport, distribution and mass production techniques that use toxic chemicals sprayed on the produce. To that end we are organizing a traditional farmer's market at Califia's courtyard every Saturday in the summer.

As our ancient forests are disappearing from the planet, so is our source of oxygen. Destroying the forests erases natural habitats for animals, many of whom are becoming extinct because of the loss of their homes. The build-up of CO2 with the loss of rainfall due to less forests, contributes to global warming of the planet. With our proximity to the šumava forest, just 17 kilometers away, the issues of clean air, transparent foresting practices, and controlled development are very real.

Hana Novakova's project BROUK JAKO UMĚLEC, presents in a humorous and direct approach the controversy around the cutting of the šumava forest. Local photographer MARIE BUBENÍKOVÁ, presents her inspiring photos of the local landscape. Another photo series by EVA HEYD , named TWILIGHT, looks at private and public moments just before evening time, focusing on nature. DANCO ARDELEAN and SAMSON STARLIGHT, two characters, present an entertaining story, "Awakened Nature" about their travels through the forests and cliffs, the nature and their favorite spots. We also welcome students from the Art Academy at Cesky Krumlov to show their work.

Galerie Califia
Zamek Horazdovice
341 01 Horazdovice
Czech Republic

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