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Artists: Daniel Djamo, Teodor Graur, Aurora Király, Iosif Király, Carmen Rasovszky, Gheorghe Rasovszky

17th of June – 4th of July 2014

Opening: Tuesday, 17th of June, 7 pm

Victoria Art Center, Calea Victoriei 12C


Victoria Art Center has been invited to participate in Contemporary Art Ruhr (C. A. R.) – Media Art Fair due to its program focusing on promoting multimedia art and artists from both mature and younger generations. The current exhibition features part of the artists shown in Essen, including some of their newer works.

Besides his outstanding activity as a member of the subREAL group in the early ‘90s, Iosif Király has had an equally remarkable solo career. Photography, installation and performance are his areas of preference and his works, irrespective of the technique used, investigate the relationship between perception, time and memory.

Teodor Graur proposes through his objects and installations a kind of negation of modernism characterized by an aesthetic and conceptual departure from its so-called benefits.

Gheorghe Rasovszky scrutinizes the provocative dimension of surrealism and other post-war avant-gardes at their point of convergence with mass culture.

Carmen Rasovszky practices with equal nonchalance new & old media art, scenography, fashion design, video installations, graphics and ludic photography inspired by the world of drama.

Aurora Király brings to attention multiple aspects of existence, supported by paintings, photographs or extracts from her diary, either from a family perspective or from a position that refers to the feminine art landmarks that defined her personal histories.

Daniel Djamo tries to redefine the banality of daily human life through conceptual analyses that make no concession to any conservative reflex. His photographs, installation and videos capture types of people, common situations and personal moods, which he shows with the easiness of a false neophyte.

Media partners: Digi24 TV, ArtClue, modernism.ro, Radio France Internationale Romania, Metropotam, Artindex, Clubul Presei Transatlantice.

Special thanks: Nicolae Dumitru, Bogdan Mateiaș.

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