C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul: REMINDER

Dieter Mammel, Under deep water, ink on canvas, 85×155 cm, 2009

04 August- 10 September 2011


Alev Gözonar
Burcu Yagcioglu
Dieter Mammel
Emir Uras
Mahmut Celayir
Murat Germen

During August until 10 of September, Works exposed in C.A.M (Akaretler) are the new works of certain artist showed in 2010-2011 season; Reminder contains also some Works of the artistes that we will expose in 2011-2012 season. Let’s tell a kind of preview and last-view.

C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler
Sair Nedim Caddesi no:25

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