.artSümer Gallery: burcu gökçek / ‘us’

burcu gökçek / 'us' 

3/10 – 16/11/2013 

Analyzing the relationship between soul, mind, and body by utilizing various techniques, Burcu Gökçek recreates the invisible portrait of the visible in her new exhibition at artSümer. "Us" consists of portraits of mutant characters on canvases of photo-collage transfer and acrylic paint. 

Like the mystery of covered objects, Gökçek adds fantastic depictions of animals to human figures thus makes reference to individual and social sub-identities with her portraits in this exhibition, which she calls “Us”. Her canvases reflect a kind of opposition to being incapable of facing oneself while surrounded by intense relationships, which bring the person into existence. By utilizing images that refer to the relationship between nature and mankind, she focuses on the existential disconnection a person experiences today. 

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