Bulart gallery, Varna: (un)Natural disasters

darina peeva | (un)natural disasters

16.05 – 15.06.2013
Bulart gallery, Varna

“Unnatural disasters” is a graphic series created from Frbruary througt April 2012. There are 12 compositions and in each I show a certain point in a story that has already started, the beginning unknown for the viewer. The initial sensation of peace and quiet in the prints is sought for through the deliberate removal of color.

With the white, which according to Kandinsky”… affects the soul llike absolute silence…” I want to build an image of sterility elements and images of daily life, political news and commercials. This mix of real and unreal gives the viewer the opportunity to perceive the different images unemotionally, distantly and with no sense of guilt. The viewer is just an observer, without the right to change anything, but also with responsibility for what happens.

I combine images of animals with objects (firearms and bombs) and place them in situations different than their normal habitats (interiors and public buildings). That way these symbols of innocence and helplessness (dear and kind) quickly change into carriers (representations and significations) of violence and death.

The everyday news about wars, revolutions and human mistakes, for example, the sinking of the Costa Concordia. change our perceptions of what is natural and normal. We are getting used to receiving information about death and terrorist threats. The unnatural disasters caused by politics and people with power are becoming more global and they don’t leave us room or possibility to escape"

Darina Peeva


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