Bulart Gallery, Varna: (e) migration

bulart gallery presents
(e) migration

duration: 18 april -7 may 2013

the artists:
avela admon (de) | antonia koleva-nitra |darina peeva (bg/at) | ivo bistrichki | ivan kostolov |liana dimitrova (bg/ca) |luba haleva | luciano civettini (it) | mark o`leary (ir) | massimo rossetti (it) |mazzurski | nikolay ninov | paolo vivian (it) | robert kreuzinger (bg/de) | raya georgieva |vesselin damianov-ves | veliko marinchevski

(e) migration is an international curatorial project focused on translocation and  movement. The title is a play on words between the concepts of the terms of migration and emigration. The Latin word means constant change position from one environment to another whether the genes or people, birds or animals, caused due to certain circumstances. In social point of view the term "migration" is a concept that denotes the change of habitat, leaving it; as "emigration" defines the process of arrival and establishment.

The project is not considered physical movement of human masses, but it paying attention to the movement of cultures, memory and ideas; repositioning is as an object. Nomadic journey of the heart causing the formation of new relationships that affect and fuzzy the models of collective memory. Memory as a store of information and experience being forced to adopt new roles – as the "diffuser" in the system of values which optimizes the new cultural patterns of behavior where rejects the ego and adopts a new form of identity. A process of reformatting identity that stretches the boundaries of community involvement and personality becomes a permanent nomad, who made escape a lifestyle.

Zygmunt Bauman / in “Culture in a Globalised City” / writes „Today's culture is reduced to sacrifice, rather than rules” and in this sense here, that very personal sacrifice is a the norm. In that process the sensitive apparatus of art registers and stores the act of moving as the quasi witness of shrinking and expansion of the private boundaries of existence and resistance, bombarded by the dynamics of everyday life, the temptations of overproduction and evanescence of love and the ephemeral ideals; the witness of migration and emigration of values and attitudes conducted mostly due to rejection and sacrifices.

The project  (e)migration presents 17 artists from Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, Ireland and Italy, which by means of painting, sculpture, digital printing, sound and text provoke the audience on a journey  where the unprejudiced spectator examines various states of migratory man and himself has become an object because of the possibilities of the different approach of reading.

The question of identity in the era of globalization and totally move beyond cultural distance and social models. Exhibition proposal for the intellectual journey of the heart in search of alter-ego in the time of a merger between ideas and ideals in the microcosm of the individual and collective memory.

Leaving the project concept and settling in his perception the viewer expands the parameters of reading. Visual accessibility, modern forms and dosage form irony profiled this exhibition in interactive mode, accessible to the senses, which enables the transformation of viewer-migrant into viewer-emigrant.
Dora Doncheva- curator

more you could find here:
bulart gallery | 22 shipka st | varna 9000 bulgaria| www.dorabulart.com

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