BUCHAREST BIENNALE 6: Expose Practice: Zoltán Béla

Expose Practice: Zoltán Béla

Thursday, 3 July 2014, 19.00

Artist Talk – @ PAVILION | proudly supported by UniCredit Țiriac Bank

C.A. Rosetti 36 (entrance from Jean Louis Calderon Street)

Expose Practice is a weekly series of talks in Pavilion – center for contemporary art & culture by the artists which are participants in Bucharest Biennale 6 and present in Bucharest. The talks invite the speakers to discuss their practice, research methodologies and thinking in an informal setting.

The series is generated by the curator of Bucharest Biennale 6, Gergő Horváth.

The talks will be held in Romanian.

Zoltán Béla (b. 1977 in Târgu-Mureş, RO) graduated from the University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Department of Painting (class of 2001). He uses a rather wide range of media, such as painting, installations or objects. His painting is realistic, loaded with historical references and metaphysical significances inspired from his personal biography, but also from the East-European recent history track, which address to the viewer’s feelings and tend to identify the important moments of an entire generation formed in the communist period. What links all these aspects is a feeling of aesthetic romanticism. He draws inspiration from my very personal archive of memories, experiences and feelings. “My paintings bear the mark of antithesis, sometimes as a therapy to purge inner fears, sometimes as a mirror of reality. Composition, light and contrasts are very important for me, as a heritage from the Baia Mare and Cluj Schools of Art. I add my warm personal touch to the collective memory of an Eastern European childhood, youth, and maturity. Subjects keep varying, therapy through art continues”. He currently lives and works in Bucharest.

Solo Exhibitions (selection): 2015 – Campoi Gallery, Munchen, De 2014- Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Ro 2014 – Marina Gisich Gallery, Sant Petersburg, RU 2012- Traces, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Ro 2011 – In meditation: Feeling the Silence, Anca Poteraşu Gallery, Bucharest, RO 2010 – A certain time, a certain place, a certain state, Little Yellow Studio, Bucharest, RO 2009 – Self Reflecting 30, Point Contemporary Gallery, Bucharest, RO 2009 – Transition Icons (curated by Valerio Dehò and Cosmin Năsui), Carini & Donatini Gallery, IT 2007 – Car Wreck, Sadaba, ES.

Group Exhibitions (selection): 2012- Curator’s Network- Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Ro 2011 – The New Figurative – Victoria Art Centre, Bucharest, RO 2011 – Coloring the Grey – The 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, RU 2011 – I Am a Romanian: The Bucharest – Tel Aviv Route, IL 2010 – Out Of Sacred (with Andres Serrano, Shirin Neshat, Kehinde Wiley, Bruno Zanichelli, Ciprian Mureşan) – Arezzo, IT 2010 – Police the Police, The 4th Bucharest Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest, RO 2010 – The Berlin Wall – Promenade Gallery, Vlore, Albania, AL.

Image:  Zoltán Béla, 1-11683, WWII helmet, nickeled with chrome plating, buzzard wings, 66 x 55 x 44 cm. Courtesy of the artist, Anca Poterașu Gallery and Bucharest Biennale.

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