Bucharest Biennale 6: Brief Final Report


Apprehension. Understanding Through Fear of Understanding

May 23rd – July 24nd 2014

Thursday, July 24h 2014, BUCHAREST BIENNALE 6 – Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art – curated by Gergő Horváth, entitled "Apprehension. Understanding Through Fear of Understanding", has closed after more than 8 weeks, during  which it has enjoyed an unprecedented success for a Romanian contemporary art event. 

BUCHAREST BIENNALE has gained throughout the years an international reputation and its last edition has expressed the potential for development of this type of artistic event. 

BB6 has been composed of the main exhibition curated by Gergő Horváth (b. 1993) with 19 participating artists from 12 countries, 22 artworks, 9 works being produced especially for the biennial. BB6 had more then 20 parallel and 5 connected events. In the frame of the BB6, the curator generated every week "Expose Practice" a weekly series of talks where the participating artists in Bucharest Biennale 6 where invited to discuss their practice, research methodologies and thinking in an informal setting.

PAVILION – journal for politics and culture – published a special issue, having a total of 208 pages and containing texts written by renowned theoreticians such as Chantal Mouffe, Gergő Horváth, Florian Gottke, David Goldenberg, Răzvan Ion, George Prochnik, Cătălin Avramescu, Jörg Heiser, Alexandru Senciuc.

BB6 took place in 5 locations and publicly intervened in the city. 

The research and selection process, as well as preparing theoretical texts took almost 2 years. 

The average age of the BB6 team is 22,5 years, the team comprising 4 employees and 17 volunteers and interns. 

The biennial attracted media attention as well as the previous edition. Thus, at the opening day over 500 professionals and press participated, both national and international. The biennial was featured by over 100 publications, news agencies, radio/TV stations and blogs, such as ProTv, Frieze, FlashArt, International Herald Tribune, Euronews, The Art Newspaper, The Guardian, Die Tageszeitung,  The Harper's Bazaar, Reforma, The Economist, Elle, Cabinet, TVR 1, Digi 24, Adevărul, Gandul, Vice, Zeppelin, Biz,Sculpture.org, ArtDaily, Cariere, EyeContact and many others. 

BB6 had approximately 27.000 visitors and it was the first editions with ticket entrance. More then 5.000 people visited BB6 during the opening days and the white night of the galleries. 

BB6 was the first cultural organization in Romania who benefit of the Google Ad Grants and the BB6 website eached more then 2.3 million impressions. The FB pages posts had more then 800.000 people reached, including the promotional posts.

2 million napkins with BB6 logo was printed and served with Illy Expresso coffee all around the country.

The biennial website, associate websites and the newsletter have had more than 390.000 viewers from 81 countries, before and during the event. 

The BB6 budget was the lowest budget in the history of BB, which make BB6 probably the most under financed biennial in the world.

BB6 had as strategic partner UniCredit Tiriac Bank. The main institutional partner was Romanian Cultural Institute. BB6 was also supported by National University of Arts Bucharest, UAP Romania, Institute for Political Research and Peasant Museum Bucharest.

Among the international institutions that have contributed to the financing of BB6 were the BAM Belgium, OCA Norway, Austrian Cultural Forum etc. 

Respecting tradition, the Romanian Ministry of Culture and the City Council of Bucharest refused to support BB6. 

The curator for BUCHAREST BIENNALE 7, which takes place May 26th – July 17th, 2016, was already appointed by the Bucharest Biennale International Advisory Board after the last meeting in Berlin and will be announced soon. 

For images on the installation view of BB6 you can access our FB account or you can download hi-res images at www.bucharestbiennale.org/BB6_images.zip




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