Bring In Take Out Living Archive, Sarajevo

The Bring In Take Out – Living Archive (LA)

Interactive Contemporary Art Exhibition

27. – 30. September 2012, Sarajevo

Sarajevo University Campus

The Bring In Take Out Living Archive (LA) creates an interactive public space consisting of a contemporary art exhibition, laboratory and archive. It is a space of a loud feminist articulation out of which it is possible to reflect, rework and emancipate one’s and our own position. Starting from the 1st edition in Zagreb – which focused on relational politics between feminism, contemporary art and the (post)Yugoslav space – through the 2nd edition in Ljubljana – motivated by the feminist strategies of creating and processing an archive as the living knowledge of everyday life – the 3rd edition in Sarajevo continues to move towards feminist articulation of public space within the common field of art, theory and practice.

With the Sarajevo LA edition, Red Min(e)d wants to challenge the meaning of commons through the process of reflecting, exploring and building such a space by architectural, artistic and curatorial means. Grounded in Silvia Federici’s* feminist statement on the politics of the commons, where she concludes that “this time, however, it is women who must build the new commons so that they do not remain transient spaces, temporary autonomous zones, but become the foundation of new forms of social reproduction,” LA opens up a counter-power space (forum) for thinking and discussing common strategies for an emancipatory process of social re/production by means of experimental and collaborative work.

Inside the Sarajevo University Campus (the former army complex Maršal Tito) the Living Archive is setting up a temporary object – the CRVENA Kiosk – an architectural project by Armina Pilav – along with the CRVENA park – a collective artwork by Sarajevo-based artists in collaboration with Red Min(e)d, students, artists, supporters and friends – where and around the 3rd LA edition will happen.

The program is  available here for the download

Bring In Take Out Living Archive booklet with  information about the program and participants is available here for the download


Thursday, September 27th

CRVENA Kiosk*, in front of the Human Rights Centre, Sarajevo University Campus

17.00h – 18.30h  Vesna Hercegovac-Pašić (Sarajevo) and Armina Pilav (Venice, Sarajevo):

Imagine Arhertecture: Sarajevo Through Recycling of the Urban Space (Curatorial Forum)

19.00h – 20.00h   Irena Tomažin (Ljubljana):  Crying Games (Sound Performance)

Friday, September 28th 


12.00h – 16.00h  LA Exhibition LAB (Perpetuum Mobile video compilation;  Audio/Video Booth with artist talks, interviews; Reading Room)**

Irena Tomažin (Ljubljana): Voice as Body, Text and Music (Voice Workshop)

16.00h – 17.30h Jelena Vesić (Belgrade)  The Politics of Historization and Cannons of Contemporaneity. 

Political Practices of (Post-)Yugoslav Art – RETROSPECTIVE 01 (Curatorial Forum)

17.30h – 19.00h Antonia Majača (London, Zagreb): Can You Speak Of This? The Exhibition As A Classroom Of Difficult Questions (Curatorial Forum)

Pussy Galore Club

22.00h  Black Water and Her Daughter (party)

Saturday, September 29th


12.00h – 16.00h LA Exhibition LAB (Perpetuum Mobile video compilation;  Audio/Video Booth with artist talks, interviews; Reading Room)

13.00h – 14.00h Belma Bećirbašić (Sarajevo): The Body, Femininity and Power (Reading Room)

16.00h – 17.30h Anja Bogojević and Amila Puzić (Mostar, Sarajevo): Public Space as a Thought Lab / Contemporary Cultural and Artistic Practices as Strategies of Critical Rethinking and Acting Within Public Space (Curatorial Forum)

17.30h – 19.00h Valentina hvale pellizzer (Vibo Valentia, Sarajevo): check or .us? (Curatorial Forum)

Pussy Galore Club

22.00h DJ Dick Galore 



12.00h – 13.30h Lala Raščić (New Orleans, Zagreb, Sarajevo)

St. Claude Art Scene. The artist-run and self-organized art scene of New Orleans, Louisiana (Curatorial Forum)

13.30h CRVENA Park, Sarajevo University Campus

CRVENA Park opening: Feminist IceScream Picnic

*CRVENA Kiosk, a temporary working and exhibition object-space in front of the Human Rights Centre, Sarajevo University Campus. Conceptualized and made by Armina Pilav in collaboration with Red Min(e)d, students, artists, supporters and friends

**LA Exhibition LAB is consist of its permanent stations: the Reading Room (with a book presentation of and by Belma Bećirbašić), the Perpetuum Mobile with video screenings and other LA works, as well as the Audio/Video Booth, where artist talks and interviews with LA Sarajevo artists and curators will be documented (Adela Jušić, Ana Baraga, Lala Raščić, Maja Bajević, Margareta Kern and others)

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